Remote Viewing Target 8 ― March 2005

Lost Hearing Aid


I lost it somewhere along the following path:

-- an old office building at 295 Madison (east side of 41st Street -- 12th floor, elevator, or first floor) (about 2:30 p.m.)

-- back down the east side of Madison and along the south (?) side of 40th Street to the Midtown Manhattan Library (5th Avenue and 40th Street -- 5th Ave. entrance and exit and 1st floor)

-- a used-book store called Book Off, which has mainly Asian-language books (south side of 41st Street between Madison and Fifth, which is the block facing the main New York Public Library from the east; I approached and left from the Fifth Ave. side)

-- the north sidewalk on 40th Street from Fifth Ave. to Broadway, then up the east side of Broadway almost to 42nd Street

-- the Times Square subway station

-- the #2 (or #3?) express train from Times Square to 72nd Street

-- the east sidewalk of Broadway from 72nd Street to 79th(?) Street

-- across Broadway and up a block or so to Zabar's Cafe

-- up Broadway another two blocks to Barnes & Noble on the north side of 82nd (?) Street

-- throughout Barnes & Noble, including the ladies' room and the cafe.

I had been sitting in the cafe about 20 minutes (about 5:20 p.m.) when I suddenly had the sensation the hearing aid was missing. (But sometimes I get that feeling even when they're not missing, just because I don't notice the sensation anymore.) I've been to the audiologist twice because the right hearing aid is a little loose, and it was unusually loose the last couple of days (maybe something to do with a bad cold affecting my ears?).

In the first office building, in that small 12th-floor office, I pulled off my white fleece headband, which had been over the top part of my ears. I'd previously been in a 16th floor office, and the person I spoke to there says she noticed I was wearing the hearing aid when I saw her. I may have pulled my headband off again in the library and on the subway, I'm not sure. I definitely pulled it off as I entered Barnes & Noble.

The cleaning crew at Barnes & Noble helped me look around for it. By the time I retraced my steps to 72nd Street, it had started snowing, and there was a light coating on the sidewalk. At that point, I was late for a board meeting at which I'm paid to take the minutes. It wasn't until 11 p.m. that I went back to Midtown and talked to night crews in the buildings I'd been in. Cleaning had been done by then, and one night manager said a cleaning person might have picked up the hearing aid and put it on a desk. I went back on Friday when everything was open, and didn't find it.

midtown route

uptown route