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Lost Hearing Aid


Sun 6-Mar-2005

Thanks from the hearing aid’s owner!

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I want to thank you all, and especially Harry, for taking this mission to heart and putting so much effort into it, and for your good wishes for me! This is an incredible challenge – I’m a believer, but what a tiny thing to find in such a vast place.

I don’t normally participate in the RV Challenge, so please forgive me for being rather late with responses as the process works its way into my head. Also, I want to explain that I’m not trying to be coy about my identity. Although some of you know me, I’m not using my full name because (a bit of paranoia here), I’m a freelancer, and I know that employers and clients often Google the names of people they’re considering hiring. A hearing problem might edge someone toward not hiring. (Someday I hope to do some writing about my hearing loss anyway, so maybe I’m being overly cautious. And considering that most of the Google hits on my name have to do with dreamwork, some involving psi, hearing loss is probably the lesser of my problems in scaring people away!)

Every post here has something that I can relate to the route on which I lost the hearing aid – actually, so far, three specific parts of that route. I think I’m going to have to respond as though you’ve all read my description of the route (maybe Harry will post it here at the end of the challenge?) – otherwise my responses would need to be much longer as I explain things about my route piecemeal.

I’m going to add my thoughts today (Sunday) under individual posts. On Monday (I hope), I will retrace my route again and see what I can see – specifically in the places I feel the posts resonate most strongly with, as well as all along the route for matches that haven’t occurred to me. This time, I’ll also ask in some places I wouldn’t have asked before (esp. those that resonate with the posts here) – I keep wondering, if I found someone’s hearing aid on the sidewalk with no way to identify who owned it, would I just leave it there in case its owner comes back looking for it, or would I take it inside the nearest establishment to prevent damage and hope the person thought to ask there?

On Tuesday, I have to call back the Lost Property section of the subway system. It takes that long for things found on the subway to reach them.

Oh…and note that, if it’s possible, I intend to post a comment on Rita’s submission for the February RV Challenge, which is the first one that appears after Harry’s post saying “Everything below is from previous missions.” The first time I came to this site, I started reading the previous challenge to get a feel for how this works, and I was rather amazed to see that Rita (apparently) dreamt about me for the February one – I’m named Gloria S. and am tall and have brown hair. (Rita, correct me if you were referring to someone else.) I don’t often take part in psi contests because I feel I’m not that good at them (although the evidence may be otherwise); when I have, though, I’ve sometimes had my “hit” a few days before I even heard there was going to be a contest.

(Later) As I’ve been writing my response to Rita and looked up something on the Web, I’m struck that there’s an even more direct correspondence of Hanny’s February entry…so I will post there, too!



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Here’s my awake viewing.

Ok, this is a short awake viewing that I had this afternoon. I’m afraid it’s not very encouraging, because all I got was an image of a little boy or child, about two years old, running while clasping something in his (her?) hand.

AKA MR Coffee

  1. If such a thing happened, it may actually be encouraging. I think it’s more likely that a child would pick up such a small thing (especially if on a sidewalk rather than indoors), because an adult would probably ignore it. (I can’t tell you how many pieces of yellowish gum wrappers looked to me, in the light coating of snow, like they might be my hearing aid…so the reverse might also be true: my hearing aid looking like a piece of trash.) The child’s parent prying it out of the kid’s hand would discover it’s something that might be important to someone.

    But Leon, your viewing also expresses a feeling and symbolic connection that, LOL, I hadn’t thought of before – a story I’m never going to live down in my family. When I was about that age, maybe 3 not 2, I was wrestling with my brother and accidentally poked him in the eye. He immediately rolled his eye up into his head and started yelling, “My eye, my eye! You poked my eye out! It’s rolling down the gutter! Oh no, it’s going down the sewer!”

    I bolted out of the house in a complete panic and ran up and down the sidewalk, desperately searching the gutter. I was weeping uncontrollably. A man came along and asked what I was doing, and I replied, “I’m looking for my brother’s eyeball!”

    I still get eyeball gifts from my family.

    I probably don’t need to point out the parallels – a sense organ poked (or pulled) out, fear it has ended up in a gutter and gone down the drain, the sense of panic….

    Thanks, Leon!

    Comment by Gloria — Sun 6-Mar-2005 @ 7:45 pm

Sat 5-Mar-2005


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Hi, I am trying something different and it may not have worked very well because I did not get much of anything…. just the thought of something bumpy, the numbers 5, 7, and 9 and the word elevated.

Good Luck,


  1. I’m not sure about the numbers – I checked online about some of the addresses I passed and didn’t come up with a match. The numbers 5 and 9 do appear in the four-digit number I used to contact someone for help with this problem. My number was 1359, which like your 5, 7, 9 emphasizes consecutive odd numbers.

    “Elevated” could have two connections – NYC subways, when they go above ground, are called “elevated” (adjective and noun). The subway I went on was underground during my route, but farther uptown, it goes above ground, or elevated. I’ve been wracking my brain for a week, trying to remember if I took my headband off on the subway.

    The other association that “elevated” has for me is that Bryant Park is sort of elevated a few feet above the surrounding sidewalks and streets.


    Comment by Gloria — Sun 6-Mar-2005 @ 6:51 pm


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(route known)

Well, since I’ve been trying to track this thing ever since Gloria first mentioned it (including telling me her entire route that day) it’s definitely been on my mind. My own feeling is that it is still in the restaurant.


  1. Definitely at the time I lost it, I thought the hearing aid had to be in Barnes & Noble. This is because it was a cold and windy day, and I thought I would have noticed the cold getting into my right ear as I walked the ten or so blocks from the subway, or during the walk past Bryant Park. (When I wear the headband, it’s over only the top of my ears.) But I’m not so sure now, because after I lost it, I paid more attention and saw that I didn’t feel much difference.

    I do find it interesting that you use the word “restaurant.” I don’t think of the Barnes & Noble Café as a restaurant, but I am now planning to ask at the restaurant in Bryant Park because of the RV impressions that seem to connect there. I’ve felt drawn to the idea of asking there all along.


    Comment by Gloria — Sun 6-Mar-2005 @ 6:47 pm


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(route known)

I couldn’t resist trying this one myself. I haven’t looked at other entries yet (which is a reason that I shouldn’t participate, but hey,why do I always have to sit along the lines). I hadn’t systematically read the route description before, but I just did, and my chances thatI got something now seem very small. Here it is anyway (addressed to our client):

I have a central image of you leaning to the right. No big surprise there, I most likely deducted this from your descriptions. I also think of a warehouse, again not really surprising I think, because I vaguely recall having read something like that. I had to think of clothing, not as something you put on, but the raw material. I don’t know where that thought came from.

I wondered where on the floor, and it’s in a row close to the right, somewhere over the second half when seen from front to back. I wondered why you where leaning sideways, and concluded you were lifting something with your left hand. Your ear piece rolled diagonally to the right over a crossing of paths, under a counter. I think the counters are on little legs, but that’s another wishful thinking deduction.

I’m not sure in which direction you resumed walking. I think you turned over your axis to the right, and you may even have gone back to where you came from.

I’m only 15-30% sure that there was valid psi information in the initial image. The rest that followed may be interesting for brainstorming purposes regardless. And of course, I need to disclose anyway when I’m participating.

  1. The location I feel most strongly in connection with this description is the Book-Off bookstore. There are long aisles front to back, I leaned over (although perhaps more forward than to the side) a couple of times to pick up books from a low (knee-high) counter in front of one set of shelves, and the counters and bookshelves are on little legs. This last is significant, because in the library and Barnes & Noble, the shelves were solid to the floor, recessed for the bottom couple of inches (more like the cabinet’s ledges in Gillian’s viewing).

    The counter with the steam table in Zabar’s Café is also more like this.

    I’m not sure how it is in the Barnes & Noble Café, but there I did distinctly turn like I think you’re describing. I also had put my coat and hood and headband down over a chair before I went to the counter to order. (So at that point, it was all more like a pile of [raw] material, since I didn’t have the clothing on.)

    The table I sat at was about an inch away from another one, which a woman was sitting at, and that one was next to the railing. (This is all on the mezzanine.) When I was sitting, I’m pretty sure I leaned to my left to pick up a napkin – and maybe to the right, too.

    To go from the serving counter to my table, I had to cross paths with people who were had just come up the stairs.

    I’ve been trying to remember the context ever since, but I have the strong feeling that, for some reason, I thought that the other woman wouldn’t be pleased if I took my hearing aid out so close to her. (Taking them out and putting them in is something I try to be discrete about.)

    (Later) As I say below in reply the Kathy Turner’s post – Having looked up the Katherine Gibbs School because Rita’s entry for the February challenge made me think of it, I’m now thinking there’s a sort of “fashion” connection with both Kathy’s and your impressions – in your case, the “clothing, but raw materials.” One of the Gibbs Schools courses of study is fashion design. And across the street in Bryant Park (which I walked past), there’s the big Fashion Week event every year (maybe twice a year).

    I feel glad you’re participating, Harry!


    Comment by Gloria — Sun 6-Mar-2005 @ 6:43 pm


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RV Impressions

Location of Hearing Aid

Unsure of degree of accuracy


1. Impression of white house in green setting.

2. Impression of kitchen area.

3. Hearing aid on floor against molding, just below the ledge of kitchen cabinets. Where it would be touched by a toe of a shoe. May be partially concealed by fluff, like a dust bunny.

4. Kept getting the impression of a kitchen, with expected appliances. Felt this was near the kitchen door or back door.

5. Kept seeing a blender/mixer, as used for cooking.

6. Felt the aid fell to clothing and rode there, falling unnoticed.

7. Felt it was for the left ear. If this is not correct, then probability of vision accuracy might be lessened.

8. Also, got the impression that Gloria might benefit from saying: ‘there is no loss, there is no problem, there is no confusion’ as a kind of affirmation to encourage the return/discovery.

Hope this helps.

  1. White house in green setting / kitchen imagery – As I walked by Bryant Park the next day, searching, I felt very drawn to the restaurant there, a low building at the back of the library. The main portion of it is stone and very pretty. There’s an extension at the 40th Street end that’s a white tent.

    Under the ledge of a cabinet / fluff, dust bunny – This may be the case in several of the places I could have lost it, where it could easily have gotten kicked under things that aren’t cleaned under often. I’m going to take a ruler with me on Monday and try to sweep it under some of the cabinets….Also, fluff and dust bunnies make me think of the off-white winter fleece headband I was wearing, my removal of which may be implicated in losing the hearing aid.

    Kitchen images in general – In Book-Off, one place I stood for a while had a very tiny section of cookbooks, which I looked at several times. I think I also walked past cookbook sections in the Mid-Manhattan Library and Barnes & Noble.

    Left ear - No, the hearing aid I lost is from my right ear. I do have one, also, in my left ear.

    “Gloria might benefit from saying: ‘there is no loss, there is no problem, there is no confusion’ as a kind of affirmation to encourage the return/discovery” – This seems like a very useful thought. In fact, after feeling a great deal of panic the day I lost the hearing aid, I began to feel calm – well, at least resigned – the next day. Realizing that both friends and strangers, as in this group, are eager to help also has made the loss easier to take. Gradually losing my hearing and finally getting hearing aids last June have both (as distinctly separate processes) have had many lessons for me, and I’m already feeling that losing the hearing aid does, too – as would having it found again.


    Comment by Gloria — Sun 6-Mar-2005 @ 6:37 pm

Kathy Turner

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Dear RV8:I’d forgotten to dream to find G.’s hearing aid - but I dreamed about it anyway!!

The slipper/flipper connection

I see a beautiful chinese slipper � the satin front is embroidered yellow gold (the embroidery a slightly different colour).

The sole of the slipper is a very very light blue satin, almost white.

I think the back of the slipper has been turned down like the back of flippers.

From the back hang two lovely diaphanous pieces of material (like fish fins) � one is a very light cream, the other possibly a very light blue.

I think: I’m pleased G. has sent in an image of the hearing aid!!


So does Chinese slipper mean anything to you?

Or beautiful night wear????

Or what about the link to flippers (swimming) and fins (the American term for “flipper")????

What about the colours blue and gold???

Or cream and yellow???

Why did my mind slip from slipper to flipper???

Is that a clue???

And as I wrote “Chinese slipper” I thought “Chinese whisper"� perhaps my mind is whispering the place to you!

I very much hope you find your hearing aid.


  1. The whole Chinese slipper imagery relates symbolically to the Book-Off store I was in, which sells used books, about half of which are in Asian languages.

    (BTW, one of the books I bought while I was in Book-Off, for $1, is a 1983 novel I’d never heard of by an author I don’t think I’ve heard of: *Dream Thief*, by Stephen R. Lawhead. From the jacket copy: “Every morning Dr. Spencer Reston, dream-research scientist on space station Gotham, wakes up exhausted–with the nagging feeling that something terrible is about to happen. Spence soon discovers that he has become a vital link in a cosmic coup masterminded by a mysterious creature known as the Dream Thief…and all civilization hangs in the balance.” So maybe *that’s* who has my hearing aid!)

    Another connection I’m wondering about, for actual Chinese slippers, is Jack’s 99 Cent store, which I passed on the way to the Mid-Manhattan Library. It (or any number of other cheap stores I passed) might well have some of those in the window.

    Fish fin – It took me a while to think of this, but right across 40th Street from the Mid-Manhattan Library is Salmon River Restaurant! It has a sign outside (hanging overhead) with a carved picture of a salmon. I’ve always thought it’s very attractive. (A few years back, BTW, I was having quite a number of salmon connections in my dreams, and I discovered that the salmon is a Celtic symbol for spirituality.)

    (Later) Having looked up the Katherine Gibbs School because Rita’s entry for the February challenge made me think of it, I’m now thinking there’s a sort of “fashion” connection with both your and Harry’s impressions – in your case, the beautiful slipper or night wear and diaphanous material. One of the Gibbs Schools courses of study is fashion design. And across the street in Bryant Park (which I walked past), there’s the big Fashion Week event every year (maybe twice a year).


    Comment by Gloria — Sun 6-Mar-2005 @ 6:33 pm


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Hi Harry, This is what I got: A street in a small old town. A grocerystore, small shop. The hearing aid is close to the wall of the shop. It lookes damaged. Hope to have been of any help. Best regards from Hanny

  1. A street in a small old town. – At the Christmas season, Bryant Park is filled with tent-like booths selling crafts. Thinking of that now, it gives almost a medieval feel.

    A grocerystore, small shop – Zabar’s Café is one of the places I thought I might have lost it. It’s attached to Zabar’s, an old and widely known gourmet grocery store on Broadway.

    It looks damaged – A distinct possibility, if someone stepped on it. (Also, if it’s been outdoors any amount of time, there’s an huge chance it won’t be working anymore. Water (as in snow and rain) is definitely not good for the electronics.)

    Comment by Gloria — Sun 6-Mar-2005 @ 6:39 pm

Fri 4-Mar-2005


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Not much again, but here you go.

No dreams on the topic, though to be honest I forgot about the dream bit and got my mind all worked up to dream on a different topic last night. Here is the waking RV attempt, short and simple: Bicycles, maybe even a bike path with heavy bike traffic. Possibly a school or park scenario. A fence or bike rack with thick bushes/hedge row nearby or behind it. The bushes/hedges have heavy green foliage/leaves and redish flowers. Hopefully that helps.

  1. This description gave me a strong impression of the only place along my route with lots of foliage – Bryant Park between 42nd and 41st streets, behind the Main Library. Such a strong impression, in fact, that it’s been hard to get my mind off it. (If I’m in the general area, I’ll often go a few blocks out of my way to walk by the park; I like the setting a lot.)

    All along the edge, which is about four feet above the 40th Street sidewalk I walked along, there are low, thick, evergreen bushes with glossy leaves – not a hedge as I normally think of it, but a similar idea. I don’t think there were any red flowers just now, but some Christmas decorations are still up at one location, so the red-and-green impression would fit that.

    I don’t think I passed any bike racks, and bikes probably aren’t allowed in that particular park. But I’m pretty sure there’s an iron fence along the 42nd Street edge, which would give an impression similar to a bike rack.

    (Later) After writing my response to Harry’s post (I’m doing this all offline before posting), I had to come back here and mention that the mezzanine railing at the Barnes & Noble Café could give an impression like a bike rack, and the signature color of Barnes & Noble is a clear, dark green.


    Comment by Gloria — Sun 6-Mar-2005 @ 6:25 pm

Thu 3-Mar-2005

Lost Hearing Aid (March)

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Everything below is from previous missions.

Wed 9-Feb-2005


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Once again, I didn’t turn up much. In a brief waking meditation, a word beginning with I came to mind, as if a place or person, also Russia or something resembling what I might have seen in Russia back in ‘91 during the coup which overthrew the Communist regime.

A dreams from the night of 2/7-8/0 5:

I am once again at some function in a public place, like a university or college setting, rather than a hotel, and Gloria S, (a tall-compared-to-me woman, brown-haired woman, very intelligent), comes up to me. She apparently asks about where I am staying and I point out the area, actually in student quarters, but I have not yet settled in. I show her my suitcase in a section of the building to my right, then throw another smaller one over near it.. A youngish man comes along, apparently a student and is interested in speaking with us. We talk some about the program, etc. I think that the guy is very nice and suggest that Gloria stay and visit with him some more, but I feel the need to get outside for some fresh air.

Outdoors I am on a grassy hill which is part of the front of this building I have just left, and it is a beautiful day, so I run down the hill, trailing a scarf that I had around my neck or head, letting the wind catch it and stream out behind me, a childlike, freeing feeling. I run past great clumps of white flowers, growing wild or having reseeded themselves, and reach an area at the base of the hill where the grass is now becoming wetter from water, not exactly marshy but enough water so that I could get my feet wet and muddy if I continue on in that direction. Perhaps there is a creek or some body of water I will not be able to cross. I see a road or footpath to my left and decide to take it.

It uphill to another building, which I can barely see– stone, I think, perhaps with some kind of tower or high fascade, some golden or yellow color or sunshine somewhere? A young student, blond male, dressed sort of preppy-ish comes down the path from above and we exchange pleasantries. I am very happy to be in this place, a pleasant interlude.

(The location reminded me of England or New England during the time when students were required to wear "proper" attire to attend classes, jackets, etc., but the grounds that I had been running on were not meticulously manicured, but more naturally beautiful.)

  1. Hi Rita. The running connects with the running activity of the viewer (2 points). The university or school setting might connect wih the palace and the surrounding buildings. (1 point)The outdoor setting is a hit. (1 point)The body of water near by is a hit. (2 points)The stone building with a tower seems a hit. (2 points)The mention of England and Russia are in the neighborhood of the area, globally speaking (1 point) The dress of the students being from a time or place where things were more formal is close. (1 point)The grounds being naturally beautiful echos Tjitski’s comments on the place. (2 points)overall = 3.0

    Comment by Bjo Ashwill — Thu 10-Feb-2005 @ 1:33 am

  2. My additional comment would be that one of the fun parts of this RV event for me was to cooperate with Harry, who is such a nice guy and he was certainly in my mind a lot of the time of this project.

    Comment by Tjitske — Thu 10-Feb-2005 @ 10:10 am

  3. Sorry Rita. I am new at this points thing, and as I relooked at how I made the overall points, I realized I wasn’t being accurate. I think your overall score should be 2.8.

    Comment by Bjo Ashwill — Thu 10-Feb-2005 @ 7:43 pm

  4. OK, I don’t know how to write a seperate message, so I am tagging this general message to everyone under comments to Rita. I think that Gillian won first place, SAO 2nd place and Rita third place. Leon won fourth place. Everyone, of course, did great. I will wait to hear if Tjitski agrees or not with my suggestion of placement. No one actually got the geographical location, but lots of people got the feeling of the place, or specific objects in the place. Therein lies the major problem as I see it of how to be helpful with our information. How to label the information more accurately without knowing exactly what we are picking up!! An interesting challenge. Thanks. Bjo

    Comment by Bjo Ashwill — Thu 10-Feb-2005 @ 7:47 pm

  5. OOps. I meant fourth place is Lynx!! Not Leon. Sorry for my mistakes.

    Comment by Bjo Ashwill — Thu 10-Feb-2005 @ 7:49 pm

  6. Rita, I’m appropriating your February entry for the March challenge involving my lost hearing aid! – not least because I seem to be in your dream!

    By the time I read this February entry (or maybe the second time), the entry from Leeballz had my mind firmly fixed on Bryant Park, and across from Bryant Park, there’s a Katherine Gibbs School. It looks more like an office building, at least from the outside, but it’s a college-level school that offers associate degrees. One of its program areas (I see from its Web site) is hotel and restaurant management (so the fact that the idea of a hotel came up in your report – even in the negative – connects a bit). Another of its program areas is fashion design and merchandising…which puts a new spin on the flowing material in Kathy Turner’s post and the raw material of clothing in Harry’s.

    Grassy hill in front of the building – Bryant Park, across the street, elevated a bit (although otherwise flat)

    Great clumps of white flowers - Snow?

    My next two connections, which are timing connections, may be a bit far-fetched, but they feel somewhat important. First, you posted on February 9th, and that’s the day by which I asked some IASD people to let me know if they were interested in joining the new Subcommittee on Corporate Identity. (In fact, my appearance in your dream may have been day residue based on that fact.) The connection for me is that the temp work I was doing the day I lost the hearing aid also specifically mentioned corporate identity.

    The other timing connection is to yesterday (Saturday), when I was writing this. The muddy grass, the uncrossable body of water, the footpath to the left, and up the hill to a stone building all remind me of my walk in a local woodland park today. (Also snowy.)

    “A youngish man comes along, and is interested in speaking with us. We talk some about the program, etc. I think that the guy is very nice and suggest that Gloria stay and visit with him some more”

    …For me, this relates to the temp job in the first timing connection: The person I worked for was very nice, and we hit it off well; I would have liked to have stayed and visited with/worked for him more. From his bio, he must be in his 50s, but originally I guessed he was in his early 40s – so “youngish.” Although your post doesn’t say the event you’re attending (and I too?) is a dream conference, that’s how you and I know each other…and I’ve been very actively planning, with a specific purpose, to talk to this guy about dreams the next time I work for him, because I think it will hold some professional interest for him. (In addition, that was one of the first times I’ve worked in an office, as opposed to at home, since I got the hearing aids. I noticed that I was a lot more confident and outgoing, which contributed to our getting along well.)

    Okay, back to “realistic” psi connections. (What a concept!)

    The stone building with a high façade also makes me think of the Main Library. “golden or yellow color or sunshine somewhere” - at the holiday crafts fair I mentioned in response to someone else, I looked up and was entranced by the golden light coming from the high, arched windows (themselves quite beautiful) at the back of the library. With luck, you can see the source of this light in the small image shown in this Google Images search

    “a scarf that I had around my neck or head” - My headband (although mine was not flowing in the wind)


    Comment by Gloria (for March Challenge!) — Sun 6-Mar-2005 @ 6:16 pm

  7. Rita, I’ve posted a few pictures of the park I was at that resonates with your park. They’re in the Follow-up Pix album. Also see the timeline in the Routes and Timeline album.

    And…another connection with the youngish man. The person I described as correlating with that is from England (and you described some of the setting as being like England or New England).


    Comment by Gloria — Thu 10-Mar-2005 @ 9:07 am

Hanny Lynch

Filed under: November 2004 — @ 4:52 pm

Hi Harry,

This time my RV is short.

I just got the one image of one of those real high bridges, surrounded by pine trees.
So is was all green and the bridge was white. It was daytime.
The whole picture was in an antique frame. Goldcoloured with curly corners.
I will attach a drawing.
Best regards from Hanny Lynch

  1. There are bridges and green grass there. (1 point) The antique frame connects with the historial feel of the place. (1 point) It’s a picture, perhaps not a painting, so could connect to the Queen painting. (1 point) overall = 1.5

    Comment by Bjo Ashwill — Thu 10-Feb-2005 @ 1:20 am

  2. White is a colour which is very much there, both in bridges and in the museum walls, and in the outbuildings of the palace and in the pavilions.

    Comment by Tjitske — Thu 10-Feb-2005 @ 10:16 am

  3. Hanny, I’m latching onto your February entry, too, for my March hearing aid search! The green in the drawing seems quite light on the Web, so I hadn’t even noticed it, except for the small triangles (to my eye, at first) at the upper right. My impression was only the strong arches.

    Please compare to this picture of the front of the Main Library of the New York Public Library.


    (Note from Harry: if the link doesn’t work, try this one and look for a picture of the library)

    Comment by Gloria (for March Challenge!) — Sun 6-Mar-2005 @ 6:23 pm