Remote Viewing Target 8 ― March 2005

Lost Hearing Aid


The hearing aid is flesh-colored (Causasian, that is) plastic. On the outer side, it's about the diameter of a quarter, and has the following: a little dial with ridges on the edge, a tiny door that opens for the battery, and a short wire sticking straight out with a teardrop-shaped bead at the end (that's a sort of handle). Overall, it's maybe an inch and a half deep and very rounded -- odd-looking, because it's molded to curl around into the ear canal. (This is the one for my right ear.) It's very lightweight; if it landed on the floor or ground, it could have easily gotten kicked around under a counter, into a gutter, down a grate.

Pictures of hearing aids
(Note by Harry: I think it's the third one, more pictures here)