Remote Viewing Target 7 ― February 2005

A Spot in The Grounds of Het Loo Palace

Sender's report

Wed 9-Feb-2005


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Once again, I didn’t turn up much. In a brief waking meditation, a word beginning with I came to mind, as if a place or person, also Russia or something resembling what I might have seen in Russia back in ‘91 during the coup which overthrew the Communist regime.

A dreams from the night of 2/7-8/0 5:

I am once again at some function in a public place, like a university or college setting, rather than a hotel, and Gloria S, (a tall-compared-to-me woman, brown-haired woman, very intelligent), comes up to me. She apparently asks about where I am staying and I point out the area, actually in student quarters, but I have not yet settled in. I show her my suitcase in a section of the building to my right, then throw another smaller one over near it.. A youngish man comes along, apparently a student and is interested in speaking with us. We talk some about the program, etc. I think that the guy is very nice and suggest that Gloria stay and visit with him some more, but I feel the need to get outside for some fresh air.

Outdoors I am on a grassy hill which is part of the front of this building I have just left, and it is a beautiful day, so I run down the hill, trailing a scarf that I had around my neck or head, letting the wind catch it and stream out behind me, a childlike, freeing feeling. I run past great clumps of white flowers, growing wild or having reseeded themselves, and reach an area at the base of the hill where the grass is now becoming wetter from water, not exactly marshy but enough water so that I could get my feet wet and muddy if I continue on in that direction. Perhaps there is a creek or some body of water I will not be able to cross. I see a road or footpath to my left and decide to take it.

It uphill to another building, which I can barely see– stone, I think, perhaps with some kind of tower or high fascade, some golden or yellow color or sunshine somewhere? A young student, blond male, dressed sort of preppy-ish comes down the path from above and we exchange pleasantries. I am very happy to be in this place, a pleasant interlude.

(The location reminded me of England or New England during the time when students were required to wear "proper" attire to attend classes, jackets, etc., but the grounds that I had been running on were not meticulously manicured, but more naturally beautiful.)

  1. Hi Rita. The running connects with the running activity of the viewer (2 points). The university or school setting might connect wih the palace and the surrounding buildings. (1 point)The outdoor setting is a hit. (1 point)The body of water near by is a hit. (2 points)The stone building with a tower seems a hit. (2 points)The mention of England and Russia are in the neighborhood of the area, globally speaking (1 point) The dress of the students being from a time or place where things were more formal is close. (1 point)The grounds being naturally beautiful echos Tjitski’s comments on the place. (2 points)overall = 3.0

    Comment by Bjo Ashwill — Thu 10-Feb-2005 @ 1:33 am

  2. My additional comment would be that one of the fun parts of this RV event for me was to cooperate with Harry, who is such a nice guy and he was certainly in my mind a lot of the time of this project.

    Comment by Tjitske — Thu 10-Feb-2005 @ 10:10 am

  3. Sorry Rita. I am new at this points thing, and as I relooked at how I made the overall points, I realized I wasn’t being accurate. I think your overall score should be 2.8.

    Comment by Bjo Ashwill — Thu 10-Feb-2005 @ 7:43 pm

  4. OK, I don’t know how to write a seperate message, so I am tagging this general message to everyone under comments to Rita. I think that Gillian won first place, SAO 2nd place and Rita third place. Leon won fourth place. Everyone, of course, did great. I will wait to hear if Tjitski agrees or not with my suggestion of placement. No one actually got the geographical location, but lots of people got the feeling of the place, or specific objects in the place. Therein lies the major problem as I see it of how to be helpful with our information. How to label the information more accurately without knowing exactly what we are picking up!! An interesting challenge. Thanks. Bjo

    Comment by Bjo Ashwill — Thu 10-Feb-2005 @ 7:47 pm

  5. OOps. I meant fourth place is Lynx!! Not Leon. Sorry for my mistakes.

    Comment by Bjo Ashwill — Thu 10-Feb-2005 @ 7:49 pm

Hanny Lynch

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Hi Harry,

This time my RV is short.

I just got the one image of one of those real high bridges, surrounded by pine trees.
So is was all green and the bridge was white. It was daytime.
The whole picture was in an antique frame. Goldcoloured with curly corners.
I will attach a drawing.
Best regards from Hanny Lynch

  1. There are bridges and green grass there. (1 point) The antique frame connects with the historial feel of the place. (1 point) It’s a picture, perhaps not a painting, so could connect to the Queen painting. (1 point) overall = 1.5

    Comment by Bjo Ashwill — Thu 10-Feb-2005 @ 1:20 am

  2. White is a colour which is very much there, both in bridges and in the museum walls, and in the outbuildings of the palace and in the pavilions.

    Comment by Tjitske — Thu 10-Feb-2005 @ 10:16 am


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RV Challenge:

Gillian Holloway



1. Something like tall grass, bent at the top. Curved like blowing in the wind.

2. An arched or semicircular curve that seems to flow in a counter-clockwise direction.

3. A shape with a definite "front," like an imposing building.

4. An official quality of pride and distinction.

5. Something taller in front, sloping downward through the rear.

6. A smooth surface, dark but reflective.

7. Toward the rear, an array of long narrow things, like pipes or cleaned logs. They seem to be lying in stacks parallel to the ground.

8. Towards the sides, a fence with points on top.

9. There is a sense this is open, yet closed off and protected and the same time.

10. Sense of a G word, like Guardia.

11. Something very blue, almost turquoise.

12. Sense of organization and hierarchy.

13. Again, the sense that officially this is "here for everyone" but emotionally, or unofficially, it is not warm and fuzzy.

  1. Obviously, there are lots of similarities here. The last sentence struck me in particular.

    I won’t do the jury’s work, so I leave the mention of hits to Bjo but I did want to mention that when I went sending there were several stacks of logs on the way; it’s tree-sawing time for the palace groundsmen apparently. I did mention the sawing machines going on in the distance I think.

    The G word reminds me of the name of the bench, Grovestins. There is of course a guard at the palace, but our word for such a person does not begin with a G.

    Comment by Tjitske — Wed 9-Feb-2005 @ 9:26 pm

  2. Lots of goodies here too. Don’t know about the tall grass, but seems there was some, with all that natural beauty and forests and all. The “imposing building” is a hit. (2 points) The official quality of pride and distinction! (2 points). The smooth dark reflective surface could be the lake. (1 point) The logs are a hit. (2 points) The fence could be a hit. (1 point)The sense that it is open and yet closed off at the same time echos the fact that people live there but it is also open to the public. (2 points) Sense of a G word, like Guardia, could be the bench as Tjitski pointed out.(1 point)Something very blue, almost turquoise.(1 point)Sense of organization and hierarchy.(The historical connection with the royals. (2 points) Again, the sense that officially this is “here for everyone” but emotionally, or unofficially, it is not warm and fuzzy. (2 points) Excellent feeling hits as the the purpose of the place. Overall 3.0

    Comment by Bjo Ashwill — Thu 10-Feb-2005 @ 1:18 am

Leon (dream)

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Hi, this is all the dream I got.

I’m in some kind of open air lift, it’s round with a diameter of about 6 meters. There’s some other people with me. As we go up we can see all around us. At the top thelift becomes unstable and loses control, it goes out of the thing in which is fits, which seems to be some kind of fake stone, like at a theme park.


  1. A bird’s eye view of this “theme park” of the royals is worth 1 point. The other people and the touring feeling of the situation fits. overall = 1 point)

    Comment by Bjo Ashwill — Wed 9-Feb-2005 @ 8:28 pm

  2. Bjo has said it all.

    Comment by Tjitske — Wed 9-Feb-2005 @ 9:43 pm


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Hi, I’m submitting this for my friend, Beth, who is legally blind and does not use the computer…

She saw a vertical oval shape with lines (they might divide it into sections), she says she thinks the lines are both horizontal and veritical. She thought this looked like an African mask.

Then she described a red flash of light at a half way point (mabe on a line such as the equator).


  1. The lakes are oval-shaped. And when I went there to take pictures I was struck by the strong lines of the trees, and their reflections in the water. So, taken as an overall picture of that area horizontals (water areas) and verticals were certainly in my mind.

    Comment by Tjitske — Wed 9-Feb-2005 @ 6:04 pm

  2. Again, I agree with Tjitske. 1 point for the vertical and horizonal lines and the oval shape.
    overall = 1 point.

    Comment by Bjo Ashwill — Wed 9-Feb-2005 @ 8:25 pm


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Dream: I was part of a group that traveled to what seemed like another planet but ended up more like another dimension. Exiting what looked like a warehouse, I entered a neighborhood. I knew that I had spent the night somewhere and was supposed to meet back with the group. I entered a room in a one, or two story motel. Most of the group (all the women) was in the room crowded together lying on the set of bunk beds. They asked me to join in their "molt" which seemed like just staying in bed together to stay warm. I was hesitant but eventually decided to join a short dark haried woman on the top bunk. The bottom bunk was packed with three or four women already. A tall, dark haired, overweight man entered the room and began talking loudly about joining the "molt". I knew he was part of the group but seemed more like an outsider and I could tell he wasn’t as welcome as I felt.

Viewing: I saw a towering structure (poor sketch attatched), a bundle of sticks bound together, a black haired brown skin boy wearing white walking away, a steep broad multicolored rock face of a cliff, and a falling rock or boulder.

  1. The group thing in the dream reminds me of the feeling I have in those ground of being part of a group, the group of runners, so to speak.

    The towering structure is not similar to the needle but both are towering structures, of course.

    Comment by Tjitske — Wed 9-Feb-2005 @ 12:14 pm

  2. I agree with Tjitske. The group feeling. (1 point). The towering structure, (1 point). Also the bundle of sticks seems right. I saw lots of low forested brances in the photo, or the low fence at the back entrance. (1 point.) overall = 1 point.

    Comment by Bjo Ashwill — Wed 9-Feb-2005 @ 8:24 pm


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I had one waking impression before the window of a place name beginning with the the sound "pot" and a Native American flavor–Potawatami, Potswani, possibly Potoomi, something close to that. Unable to pin it down precisely.

I have a nasty cold, so my sleep around the window was long, fitful and intermittent and quite full of hypnagogic images and dream segments. This was somewhat good for my RVing attempts though, my frequent waking allowed me to check the clock and remind myself of the RV. I happened to wake up just two minutes before the window and the following submissions occurred completely within the window, then I awoke from the sequence about two minutes after the window had passed.

Hypnagogic images: Hovering over something which looked something like the floor of an ancient basketball court. The yellow wood was glossy but deeply scarred and had a pattern of lines (red, black and white) and a large circle (white) painted on it. Some of the lines were ‘labeled’ with odd looking words. On diametric sides of the large central circle were two ‘names’ which I could read fairly clearly: Caumus (or Coumis) and Sedakis (or Shiedaukus). I’ve forgotten the exact spellings.

Note: (This image passed into a dream segment in which I woke up, very sleepy and unable to open my eyes, went to my computer and documented the hypnagogic image. In spite of my eyes being closed I could ’see’ what I was doing, which I found outrageous to the point of being almost humorous–but I didn’t realize I was dreaming, and actually woke up thinking I had actually documented this image in the way I dreamed I had–and I went to my computer afterward disappointed to realize I hadn’t.)

Another hypnogogic image was of a high, black ceiling, cluttered with ducts and pipes etc. This seemed it may have been the ceiling of the ‘court’ from the previous image. The black ‘background’ of the ceiling itself, only visible here and there through the industrial obstructions, was somehow fashioned to create a three-dimensional hologram-like illusion of ‘indoor rain.’ It was quite a beautiful effect and the ‘rain’ seemed to be coming directly at you wherever you stood. The phrase "indoor rain" stuck in my head.


I was my younger self in this entire dream, and seemed to be about 12 years old. I was in a strange school, the "new kid in town." The classroom itself was fairly typical except that the teacher, a very friendly older woman, sat in a raised cubicle behind low walls. But the classroom was also part of her "house," and had adjoining rooms. I knew that each classroom in the school was similar, and that all the teachers lived here, each classroom being part of their respective living quarters–like an odd conglomeration of ‘houses’ joined together in a single building with typical school-like hallways and lobbies. It seemed to be a rather enormous, windowless building, with three or more floors, and I felt I was on the second floor.

At some point another teacher brought his entire class into our classroom making it rather crowded. I understood that this class was on a ‘break’ and had been brought to our classroom in order to use the various facilities, mainly the kitchen and the bathroom. The new students were allowed to go into these other rooms a few at a time, leaving the remainder standing around and fidgeting. I found this rather odd because I was sure this other class had all the facilities they needed in their own teacher’s ‘house’ and they were causing a lot of distraction and also some rather pungent smells from their activities in the kitchen and bathroom. At length all the new students were done and filed out of the room.

I approached my teacher’s cubicle and stated that I "didn’t see the point of all this pointless migration" since surely all these students had everything they needed at their own teacher’s ‘house.’ She replied something along the lines that it was simply the way things were done. She seemed a little shocked at my outspokenness. I ‘apologized’ by explaining that I wasn’t really a child and that I was dreaming and wasn’t used to being so young and the new student in such an unfamiliar place.

The teacher who had brought his class in returned and I realized he was Liam Neeson. He was accompanied by a very pretty and petite red haired actress I didn’t recognize, but thought I should have recognized. I was fairly sure she was also Irish and also a ‘teacher.’

Without any sort of communication the three of us (Liam, the actress and I) went into ‘my’ teacher’s ‘bedroom.’ This room was long and narrow, about 8 feet wide and perhaps 20 feet deep, and the walls were painted a pale but intense ’seafoam green.’ There was a small bed and bookshelves at the far end and the furnishings all seemed a bit ‘grandmotherly’ and dated. There were newspapers and other documents strewn on the floor across an oval multicolored ‘braided’ rug, an old television and a ‘catbox’ though I never saw a cat. There was a couch, exactly the same color as the walls, along one of the long walls. The three of us sat down there, myself in the middle and Liam on my right.

There was a complex transition here. I realized we were "filming a scene" but I didn’t "know my lines" or know what the scene was about. I looked at the wall across from us and noticed that there were a number of words, lists of words, and simple drawings on the wall that had been rendered in a clear substance. My impression was that these words and images had been drawn there with a substance like "Elmer’s glue" and had dried there transparent and glossy. Some of them appeared to have only been rendered once and others looked as if they had been gone over many times, making them more raised from the wall and easier to see.The words were mostly nonsense, with too many repeated letters, like "eeffferrteegge." (Typing that it occurs to me they looked more like ‘code’ than words, but I felt they were words.) Higher up on the wall there were larger drawings depicting garden variety snails. There were about four or five large snails, roughly in a row, about 2 feet from the ceiling.

I said, without really knowing why, "I don’t remember seeing those before." The woman sitting next to me seem stumped and confused by this and at length said "maybe it’s deja vu." I realized that my indicating I had been here before was a faux pas in the scene we were filming, that indicating that I had been in this room before was contrary to the plot, and that the woman had mentioned deja vu as an attempt to cover my mistake. I realized we were now ‘improvising’ and went with it, and the woman and I had a weird, stilted conversation about deja vu.. At some point we just knew the scene was over and we left the room the same way we had come in, but now where the classroom had been was a large area obviously like a film set or movie studio, and parts of the previous rooms had been disassembled. A number of assistants went up to both of the actors and were discussing this ‘unexpected improvisation’ –clearly not knowing what to make of it. I went straight up to "the director," a rather short man, mid thirties, with dark curly hair. He was clearly displeased with the scene but would clearly defer to me if I wanted to ‘keep the improvisation." I just looked at him and said "don’t worry, we’ll do it again."

I had a number of other dreams including some interesting continuations of the above, but I will limit myself to submitting this because it actually occurred during the window.

I’m not going to try to draw any secondary conclusions, but I’d summarize:

- A place name beginning with the syllable "pot"
- An old school
- Ireland (?)


  1. Well, ‘pot’ certainly has two letters similar to ‘Apeldoorn’, but whether that would qualify?

    I thought the basketball court was interesting. Not because of the thing itself, but because of the term ‘court’ and its royal associations.

    The whole complex of houses fits although it’s not a school. But there are lots of buildings in the grounds. The old palace, the newer palace, buildings that house a museum etc. And when I was taking pictures I saw a school class being shown around. Not when I was sending, though.

    Comment by Tjitske — Wed 9-Feb-2005 @ 12:24 pm

  2. And there is a mention of an eldery lady, though ‘very friendly’ would not apply to this queen, but interestingly she was in a raised cubicle, which reminded me of a throne.

    Comment by Tjitske — Wed 9-Feb-2005 @ 12:43 pm

  3. I just keep seeing things here.

    It’s Ireland now which I just realize has its own connection to our royals, by way of King William III, William of Orange, who spread the protestant word in England and Ireland. In Northern Ireland in particular the (in)famous Orange Parades are still being held. And for us here in the Netherlands ‘Orange’ is the national colour. When we read that ‘Orange has done this or that’, ‘Orange’ may refer to the royals or to the national soccer team or to anything else symbolic for the nation.

    Comment by Tjitske — Wed 9-Feb-2005 @ 1:28 pm

  4. Ok, here goes. ancient basketball court. (1 point). The historical time thing and “court” being a royal thing to do. Words painted on the sturcture, on lines. Could be the engravings on the gravestones, or monument.(1 point)The school class (students touring the palace) (1 point.)The woman in the raised cubicle (1 point).The teachers living at the place where the classes took place (2 points). The royals lived in this historical place where learning took place.The description of the building seems similar to the palace. (2 points.)The teacher’s remark that this is the way it’s always been done reminds me of the traditional thinking of a long historical line of people such as the royals. (1 point.)Another reference to “grandmotherly” and out dated furnishings. (1 point) The words written on the wall, again perhaps the engravings on the gravestones or the writing on the monumnt. (1 point)The old school of thought. (1 point). Here’s a stretch, but could the 5 snails in a row be a distorted depiction of the horses? (1 point.)Tjitske mentioned the connection of Ireland to the Orange. (1 point). overall = 2 points.

    Comment by Bjo Ashwill — Wed 9-Feb-2005 @ 8:14 pm

  5. I am changing the overall points for SAO to 2.9. As I relooked at how many points I gave him and the score, it is clear I made it too low.

    Comment by Bjo Ashwill — Thu 10-Feb-2005 @ 7:41 pm


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Hi, I have a dream submission and an awake viewing…

I tried to incubate for information about the target and I saw a blurry abstract painting with a peach-ish color in the middle and blue green around the outside. (or maybe this is just a painting I should do :) I believed it was significant in my dream… then what seemed to be even more significant was a close-up image of two pennies. One was face up and the other face down. They overlapped in the middle. The one on the right (with the Lincoln Memorial) was more visible and I thought that might mean something. There was something about the shape they created when they overlapped that I also noticed. I’ll include that in my drawing. Then, as I was waking I was saying the word "cantilever" which is a word I was not too familiar with. I’ve heard it before , but never looked up the definition until now…

Cantalever or Cantilever -1. (Arch.) A bracket to support a balcony, a cornice, or the like. [1913 Webster]
2. (Engin.) A projecting beam, truss, or bridge unsupported at the outer end; one which overhangs. [1913 Webster]
Cantalever bridge, a bridge in which the principle of the cantalever is applied. It is usually a trussed bridge, composed of two portions reaching out from opposite banks, and supported near the middle of their own length on piers which they overhang, thus forming cantalevers which meet over the space to be spanned or sustain a third portion, to complete the connection. [1913 Webster]

Awake RV…
The number "2" , the words Brown, and arch, and something that started with "H" or "Ha"… a ladder running sideways,which also reminds me of the columns on the front of the Lincoln Memorial, and a person’s arm extended to the right, and something that reminded me of the shape of the Seattle Space Needle.


  1. The painting reminds me of the view I had on the chosen spot which was quite blurry. Of course, the very fact of painting reminds me of the Queen’s presence, although her paintings were anything but abstract. The two pennies: this is where the portrait of a reigning queen is to be found, nowadays Beatrix but before the war Wilhelmina. And the emphasis of the awake RV seems to be very much on the ‘needle’. This could explain the way the two pennies were combined as they look like wedding rings to me, and the monument was to celebrate Queen Wilhelmina’s marriage.

    I don’t know about the cantilever bridge. There certainly are countless bridges, but I don’t think there is any that could fit the cantilever bill.

    Comment by Tjitske — Wed 9-Feb-2005 @ 12:10 pm

  2. Hi. The sideways ladder could be the fence near the back entrance, or even the gravestones seen from a distance. (1 point). As Tjitske mentioned, the overlap pattern of the pennies could be the wedding rings and it is a “monument” on the back of the penny.(1 point). The “H or Ha” beginning of the word is a hit. It is called the Het Loo palace. (2 points). The painting is a hit. (1 point). There are bridges. (1 point). overall = 2 points.

    Comment by Bjo Ashwill — Wed 9-Feb-2005 @ 7:59 pm

Tue 8-Feb-2005


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Dreams of 2/7/05 - Submitted by Goshengolly

I have compressed my dream material down from narrative material to setting/objects/themes and some direct report in this contest.
Geographic Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
Specific Location: (dream guesses) 1)Newspaper Stand; or 2) night time bedroom; or 3)Complex with sleeping rooms and restaurant; or 4) an outdoor countryside marketplace with picnic tables
Associated Themes: "A gathering place;" "carrying my sleeping brother to bed;" "planets in alignment;" "deep impact;" "out on the farm;" "creativity and venture capital."
Other psi hits (imagery and dream scenes/themes elaborated below):
[Hypnagogic imagery:]

1) visual: a woman running with a newspaper in her hand
2) auditory message: "the store is in San Francisco"

[Dream Images:]

1) planets in a cluster in the night sky, close to earth, with "Planet Tarnau" featured as the closest and largest, which in the dream appears to be a threat because it is also potentially a meteor, which is heading toward Earth.

2) dream scene of observing in the distance a line of cows made out of wood cut-outs, and painted with black and white markings, which film producer S.Spielberg seems to like because of their shape and color. They remind me of a line of objects in a shooting gallery since they are lined up in a row as if mechanized.

3) a restaurant at an apartment complex that I haven’t tried out yet. I meet the Maitre’d. He says only the "owners" dine there, so it is not a very busy restaurant. I think I should have dinner there soon. I have not enjoyed all the amenities at this "complex," and think that now is time.

4) a book called "Superminds and Supercomputing" about to be published by an author and venture capitalist named "Benjamin," whom I dreamed that I had met several years ago in San Francisco, and who worked for Digital Equipment Corporation and spoke at a conference there.

5) sitting at a picnic table at an outdoor vegetable market in bright sunlight, worried that the vegetables will spoil. Spilling a beverage at the picnic table.. In the dream scene July 4th Holiday is coming in two days on a Thursday. I am relieved to know that I can take the day off!

6) one man and two women emerge from the cellar of the house I am in. They have met in secret, but I had heard their voices from the floor above, and knew they were there.

  1. Number 3 with the mention that ‘only the owners’ eat at the restaurant is interesting for this setting, I thought. When in the grounds there is the sense that one is not exactly trespassing but that one is treading on other people’s territory.

    And the picnic table is there in front of the bench, I don’t know if I mentioned this in my report.

    Comment by Tjitske — Wed 9-Feb-2005 @ 12:29 pm

  2. Hi Gosh! Lots of goodies here. The 3rd theme of a complex and restarant and a “gathering place” seems to work here. (1 point). A woman running fits as the viewer mentions running there often. (2 points). The “owners” only dine there. (2 points). The picnic table (2 points). The 4th of July could indicate red, white and blue, (Dutch flag colors). 1 point. Your 6th dream segment with the secret voices from the floor above, could be a reference to the historical nature of the residence, over time. (1 point.) overall = 2.5

    Comment by Bjo Ashwill — Wed 9-Feb-2005 @ 7:51 pm


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Dream Log NLT February 08, 2005

I had a dream were I was at the bottom of some rounded cliffs. I tried to climb up them unsuccessfully. The person I was with said there was another way. We took the other way around the cliffs to a large structure made of stone. The stone structure had many, many, engravings. There was barely any of the exposed rock that did not have some sort of design carved into it. There were multiple stairways also made of this rock with carvings in it. Some of the stairways were covered in water at spots, yet the stairways below them were not covered in water. Like some of those paintings that defy physics.

End Dream Log

Waking RV attempt February 07, 2005 approximately 22:30 Mountain Standard Time (Arizona)

I was trying to access the far reaches of my brain. I pulled up a globe and began spinning it in my mind. I asked, "show me the target." The globe then stopped spinning and a glowing star showed up in North Africa. It seemed to be in Libya, but could have been Algeria, Tunisia, or Egypt as well. It seemed to be very close to the Mediterranean Sea.

  1. The spinning of the globe is a good idea. I’ll have to try that. Unfortunately, it landed in the “wrong place” for this location. However, in the dream you saw lots of stones and engravings which could be the cemetary where the royal horses were placed. Lots of grave stones, that could appear stairstep like. (1 point). Overall 1 point.

    Comment by Bjo Ashwill — Tue 8-Feb-2005 @ 8:33 pm

  2. I also thought of the engravings on the ‘needle’, the monument just outside the palace grounds.

    Comment by Tjitske — Tue 8-Feb-2005 @ 9:37 pm


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Colours : Red, Yellow, Blue
Objects : Mountain and a long road
Place : somewhere like a desert, without people around it

dream :
colours : red & blue
places : deep, blue sea WITHIN a city, a prison (they say I have to
stay in jail for 10 or 20 years!)


  1. Hi there. Red could be a hit as there is a faded brick building and lots of orange in the leaves. (1 point)Blue is a hit.(1 point)There are forested hillsides, but no mountain and the expanse of the grounds could make the path look like a long road. (1 point). Empty of people. (1 point). The grounds are extensive and no one was seen (in the photos anyway.) (1 point.) Overall - 1.5

    Comment by Bjo Ashwill — Tue 8-Feb-2005 @ 8:19 pm

  2. I would also like to add that red, white and blue are the colours of the Dutch flag, which is flying on the palace whenever the royals are at home, which is most of the time.

    Comment by Tjitske — Wed 9-Feb-2005 @ 1:15 pm

Sherri Lacy

Filed under: November 2004 — @ 7:06 am

I saw a place with beautiful trees, very green grass and the air was very fresh.

There was a mansion or big building and I floated up the steps and it had a covered front entrance. As I went inside there was a rounded front entrance that has big glass windows that was a large tarariam with flourishing green plants. You could walk around either side of it.

I went around the left side and in the middle of a large open area it had giant white columns in each corner. There was one great wall that had a massive fireplace. Above the fireplace was a wall mural. It was of men on horseback that were running as in going to a great battle. Under them was red dust swirled up around the horses legs, like red clouds almost.

Inside the great area was a large round object that was brass colored and it would turn.

On each side of the room were large glass windows that looked out among beautiful gardens of flowers.

  1. Hi. Looks promising. Large mansion (like a palace, eh?) (2 points) Columns, (1 point), forested setting, (2 points), horses (2 points). (I don’t know about the interior setting, perhaps our Target Viewer can fill us in.) overall = 2 points

    Comment by Bjo Ashwill — Tue 8-Feb-2005 @ 8:25 pm

  2. I would also like to add that the palace gardens are famous, attracting a lot of people.

    Alas, I don’t know about the interior. I’ve been in the museum where lots of royal pottery and carriages and furniture etc are shown, but it’s been a while since I last saw it. And of course, the actual palace is not open to the public as it’s inhabited by Princess Margriet and her family, so I can’t say anthing about that.

    Comment by Tjitske — Wed 9-Feb-2005 @ 12:37 pm

Mon 7-Feb-2005


Filed under: November 2004 — @ 11:11 pm

Ha Harry (

I’ll settle for a highly located restaurant (for example the Euromast) with a view over the city.



  1. I see some similarities here as to the ‘view over the city’, as the palace is indeed at the edge of Apeldoorn, although it doesn’t lie high enough to be overlooking the town. And there is of course the needle which might be a miniature ‘Euromast’.

    Comment by Tjitske — Wed 9-Feb-2005 @ 12:40 pm

  2. I agree with Tjitske. 1 point for view of the city and 1 point for the euromast. overal = 1

    Comment by Bjo Ashwill — Wed 9-Feb-2005 @ 7:42 pm

Leon (RV)

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I didn’t get much on the awake RV, just a big clock and the word ‘synchronicity’. I’m not sure if this was a standing clock or a pocket watch, but it had hands, not digital.

I got no sense of where it might be.

Leon AKA Mr Coffee

  1. A clock doesn’t remind me of anything I know of in the grounds of the palace, I’m afraid.

    Comment by Tjitske — Mon 7-Feb-2005 @ 10:23 pm

  2. But the fact that the viewer wondered if someone would feel the presence of the past queen indicates a connection with time. (1 point).

    Comment by Bjo Ashwill — Tue 8-Feb-2005 @ 8:52 pm

Sat 5-Feb-2005


Filed under: November 2004 — site admin @ 2:59 pm

(early entrance translated from Dutch by Harry)

I now see… for then…
5-feb-2005 21:55 hour

Large lake / water

Boat, looks like a catemaran, with a paddle wheel like an on old steamship used to have.

To the right is a waterfall, but not within the view of him/her. Is a her I think.

She also stands on grass. See a few trees planted.
A single landing stage.

Rather an open image, few details.

Blue sky, a (few) single little “sheep"s clouds.

Colors red/ white (boat)?

Harry asked for possible information on the general area. This is what Lynx replied:

I thought America.

At first I saw a pilar in a kind of small lake, with trees next to it, but I thought it was my fantasy.

After that I saw what I described earlier. I think it’s near the Niagara waterfalls.

  1. The lakes are very much part of these grounds, though they are not in the actual spot I focused on. Having said that, the lakes were the focus of my, accidental, sending when I was running and thinking of the Remote Viewing task yesterday. There was no boat as far as I know. The colours were: white (pavilions), blue (boat house and sky) and orange (a protective tarpaulin over part of one of the pavilions). The waterfall is not there, but at one of the wells there is what could be called a tiny waterfall of a few meters.

    Comment by Tjitske — Mon 7-Feb-2005 @ 3:29 pm

  2. You mention a woman presence, could be the Queen Presence. The pilar in a small lake could be the monument or the strong shadows reflected in the lake by the trees. The lake is a hit. The openness of the area is a hit. Good job.

    Comment by Bjo Ashwill — Mon 7-Feb-2005 @ 7:42 pm

  3. OOps. I didn’t give points. The lake. 2 points. The pillar. 1 point, color blue in sky, 1 point. The color white, 1 point. The woman presence 1 point. The openness of the area and it is outdoors, 1 point. “She stands on grass” could refer to the area where the Queen painted. 1 point.
    Over all 2.5

    Comment by Bjo Ashwill — Tue 8-Feb-2005 @ 5:03 am