Remote Viewing Target 6 ― December 4th, 2004

Praying Hands

Sender's report

Tue 7-Dec-2004

RV’s from Turkey: Ali

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RV– A building with a pointed roof and painted white. At the right wooded area with lots of trees. In front there is a road. It is green all around. Just after the road there is a fence from circle of trees. It is some where in Europe, it may be Romania or Bulgaria. The whether is cold but there is no ice on the ground.

  1. Welcome Ali. A building with a pointed roof is roughly similar to the conical shape of the hands. Two points, overall 1.5.

    The Turkish dreamers like Europe. Unfortunately I can’t give points for that. :-(

    Comment by Harry — Tue 7-Dec-2004 @ 6:43 pm

RV’s from Turkey: Alev

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RV – There are a lot of flowers everywhere, tiny and little flowers. An area surrounded by iron fences but there are flower motives on these fences too. Blueness, it may be sky. Something high, I estimate it can be rock as well as it can be a sculpture or a monument. I think the location is in America. There can be a church somewhere close because I see colored, stainglassed windows. There is a slow music. The whether is cool. A cloth with shawl design.

Dream – In that night’s dream I was in a hotel in Romania. The walls were covered with a cloth desighed with little colorful flowers. I am not sure if there is a relation but; I went to a building like United Nation where there was rooms for every country.

  1. RV. Something high, rock / sculpture / monument. Four points. Location America four points. Reference to church - the whole campus is one huge church, four points.

    After your submission, Sao added a photo at the location page showing flowers (or more specifically: pansies). Now that I know there are flowers, I’m going to increase the overall specific location rating from 2.5 to 3. There is a very good signal to noise ratio in your RV! Also, overall a 1.5 for general area.

    Dream. Rooms for every country reminds me of the flags, four points. Cloth may fit in with that too.

    Overall, 1.5.

    What I like is how RV and dream complement each other, while both have little or no wrong informat. It’s that I’m specifically looking for the hands statue, otherwise it would have given a combined overall rating too. Very good.

    Comment by Harry — Tue 7-Dec-2004 @ 5:59 pm

RV’s from Turkey: Demet

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I reminded the RV time to another friend but I forget myself at Saturday night. But at Sunday night I go to sleep with the same intention. In fact I wasn’t waiting much, I wasn’t prepared my mind much to see. But I had a very vivid and beautiful dream which I didn’t have for a long time.

Dream – In my dream I was in Cappadochia. I was flying with my father to my right and incredible mountains in row in front of me. I am showing Cappadochia to my father and at the same time telling myself “I have just visited here, why do I come again”. The scene and the filtering sunlight is so beautiful that I am saying; “My God what a beauty is this, how beautifuy You are”. My father and I are visiting Cappadocia flying, floating.

People, but different people are working in little caves like ants. Something is shown to me and said that it is life. Than I see a cave on land and like a tunnel but camouflaged by nature. There are levels in it and people are working in hurry. I am saying my dad; “Like the ants preparing to winter, isn’t it dad?”. But when I look at the cave, I am thinking “I came here before but I didn’t see this cave, where did it came from?”
This time the cave is shown to me from the side to understand better. I realize that it is a ship landed there in ancient times. During the years wind and eart covered it and turned to a cave. As if Noah’s ark and it stays as a visual trick.

We are going on our trip. It is time to check out from our hotel but this time I find myself in flying baloons, flying over Cappadochia again. Baloon passes very close to the mysterious houses as it will hit. As if they are wanting to show details “look there is life”. It was like foreigners are living in that neighborhood, may be Danish and German.

And I am remembering I left something at the hotel. I am turning back because we have to. I am entering the hotel with my son Can. Everybody is making check-ins but we are in a hurry. The receptionist lady is a German. That area happens to be a German area, a foreign city but in Cappadoccia.

I am looking at my son’s face. His both cheeks are burned bright red. But it really burned and the skin get the color of pomeranate. His skin is moving as it is boiling inside. I know the woman is German but thinking she can understand English; I am telling her the things I need. I am touching my hands to Can’s cheeks. They are going to get medicine.
All the houses I see were from dirth, created by nature.

  1. Welcome Demet. Having seen the photos Ilkin provided, I give 4 points for your dream travel to Cappadocia. I consider Noah’s ark a sign of religion, 3 points.

    Because there are so few distractions from the main object (Cappadoccia) in the dream, I make this an overall of 2.5.

    Comment by Harry — Tue 7-Dec-2004 @ 8:33 pm

RV’s from Turkey: Aysen

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Dream (Friday night) - Two part dream but common symbols. Large, uphill, slopy roads. In one of them the road was dividing to 3 ways. There was something like a little monument in the middle. And plum trees. I interested very much; there were big plums, the trees were kind of weird.

In the second part I was lucid. When I was climbing the slope I remembered that I want to participate the RV challenge but I must do it next night. And begin to examine the huge buildings I see around. There were big signboards hanged on the buildings. I wanted to read but they were mostly in foreign languages; not English, French or German but as Russian or belong to an old Soviet countries. It was great to examine the things relaxed, calmly look around in dream. It was a very different feeling trying to read the writings to understand where you are. I never had a dream I examined around such detailed before. I go on walking up and down the slope and examining the buildings but the writings begin to look like Turkish. Than my eyes stopped at the sky. It turned to twilight. There was a star moving in the sky. I followed its movement with my hand. When I turned my hand and eyes down I saw many people watching me. I am remembering a woman standing in front. She was dark. But I lost lucidity and people began to attack me as they were vampires. I began knocking the door of the building I was standing in front to take refugee. I was knocking the door as crazy. I entered the building and closed the door but people begin to get in from the open windows and doors. At first I wanted to run away but there were other people too in the building who were afraid of the vampires. I changed my mind from running away and decide to help them. I begin to get lucid again and act as “this is a dream”. I get out to the backyard. This time a wolfhound attacked me but I made him calm down. It was a green garden.

Awake RV – I made meditation at the sending night. They might not be related but since I participated this challenge I have to say what I had seen, don’t I? I think the sender is a blond lady. I see areas with trees, forested and some animals like deers. I thought the target may be related with a natural park. Can it be Poland? I don’t know why but I thought like this when I meditate.

  1. Welcome Aysen, and congratulations with this special lucid dream. More writings, repeated mention of examining, three points. A clear reference to hand, while following a star. Two points.

    The mystery color green is back again.

    Overall 1.5.

    RV. According to Sao “There are many, many deer in rural oklahoma, in fact hardly a day goes by that I don’t actually see some". That’s a hit, but more one for the general area, let’s say three points. I don’t know how to translate that to an overall score, because I don’t know how common deer are in the world. Let’s make it an overall of 1.5 for general area.

    Comment by Harry — Tue 7-Dec-2004 @ 5:53 pm

RV’S from Turkey: Omer

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Last night, before sleeping I thought about RV. I gave myself a short inspiration, focused. I saw an interesting thing at night. There was a river and writings were flowing in it. It were like ink stains mixed each other. But I knew they were writings.

  1. Welcome Omer. Short but a very good first try. Writings are a possible link to education. Two points. I give an overall of 1 for specific location.

    Sao tells me that the Arkansas river (wide and shallow) is fairly near, within about a half mile of the site. That is an excellent hit, four points. Let’s make that an overall score of 1.5 for general area.

    Comment by Harry — Tue 7-Dec-2004 @ 5:38 pm

RV’s from Turkey: Ilkin

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Awake RV – I sat facing North. Rain was drizzling, stars and moon were behind clouds but I could perceive their lights. I focused myself. The target is both at my East and West. I cant understand. Can it be because the world is round, my West is also my East? Or can it be because the location is just at the other side of the earth or at the same longitude with me (Bulgari, Romania, Ukrania, Finland etc)? A man, walking, hands in his pockets. Wearing a brownish, sued like jacket. He is Musevi (meaning Jewes in Turkish) or Mason (from Masonic lodge in Turkish). It is cold, the sun is getting out and dissappering time to time. He is passing from an escalator, moving staircase or a bridge. It is a very large area. I am not sure if it is a closed or an open place. There is a huge conic thing (like a tent or a pine three) in the middle. I can hear a joyful, relaxing music. I see little and middle sized paintings, shapes, sculptures or ornaments (?) of animals and flowers etc natural. Many colors and black. I hear a voice of a child. Water flowing, may be a fountain. A wreath. I can sense all four energies earth, fire, water and air. Either candles or a chimminey is burning. I can also sense both male and female energies. A circle. People and light are entering each other (mixing?) around a circle. I see letters “V” and “C” (in English they may be “W” and “C” too). Everything dissappears.

Conclusion – Only one I know with “K” is Kathy and “C” is Carol from spiritual group but it was a man I saw walking. I don’t know anybody with “W”, I know only Victoria with “V”. Either this is somebody I don’t know or it may be Kathy, Carol or Victoria and other things I saw was not related with RV or somebody I don’t know at all because it can be a man. “Both at my East and West” made me very confused. I think just the other side of the earth from Turkey is Pasific Ocean so it can’t be somewhere middle. Although they say “your east is also your west if keep going” there is no explination. It is not so far from me, may be at the same longditute. I am very curious about this target.

Dream – There is conic shaped a safe. They can’t find the code to open it. The code is “train” and there are two more opportunities for code. The safe is opening. There are some belongings of a young girl for a marriage.

After opening the safe we are going to have tea at a pastry shop or lobby of a big hotel. But we remember that there are things we must buy. We are leaving and heading to an old part of the city with my mom and cousin. The shops are on a ver high slope and as carved in the circled, rock city walls from the time of Byzantium or in the rocks by the seaside. A taxi is taking us easily, my mom is getting out easily at sit at front of ancient shop. It is a touristic antique shop. While the customers makes shopping, a famous singer is singing songs in colored satins. It begins to snow heavily when we are shopping. My mom is watching the sceene, we are getting out to find a taxi with my cousin Gonul. But it is impossible to find a taxi, the snow is is at our heights now. We are deciding not to wait in the same street but depart for finding a taxi. The seafulls are turning over the sea under the snow. After waiting a time I am getting worried both for my mom we left in the shop and for my sons because they didn’t call me from my cell phone. I am trying to walk up the shop we left my mom. As if it is not enough that the snow is nearly at my height, a turck cames from up and pours woods in front of me. The truck driver pulls me from my hand and help to climb until the corner. But the rest of the road is worse. This time it is covered with ice like glass and a very straight and narrow slope. I am trying to climb hardly and thinking, at least there are no cars coming from upside. Just as I think about it I see many cars coming down up the slope. The road is very narrow, I am thinking they may hit me if they slide. Again as begin to think, they begin to slide and hit each other. First two slides touching me and go down the slope. The others hit eac other and stop just in front of me. We took my mom from the shop carved in rocks and hurry down the other side (sea side) of the slope. The sceene of snow over the sea is so beautiful but we can harly walk my mom. My cousin is changing her jeans behind a rock. We are turning to the pastry we will have tea at last. Most of the pastries are eaten but I can still find to fill plates, enough for all of us. Boys are are calling and say they turned, safe at home.

Conclusion – My last nights dream belongs to the incubation for spiritual dream group but I had seen “train” , “circle”, “conic” and some other symbols again.

Ilkin’s Note – I see there are some similarities in the submissions of Turkish participants. I think I better send a photo of Cappadocia or cities carved in caves, conic naturl rocks etc which may have similar shapes with the real target in some ways.

  1. Oh, aha! The photos explain something. That’s how the cliffs from the previous submissions came in. I think the shapes have a good fit with the hands statue.

    RV. East and west would be at the other side of the world. I’m not going to second guess about staying on the same longitude. Where east meets west simply is at the other side of the world. At the American continent, it could also mean in the middle of it. Question is to me is, what about the latitude? I looks to me that Tulsa is about six degrees more to the south than Istanbul. That’s pretty close. Four points for the general area.

    Casual reference to hands, 3 points. References to religion, 4 points. Also 4 points for the huge conic thing.

    The mystery guest C. showed up a third time. :-)

    Overall, specific location 2.5, and genera area 1.5.

    Dream. Conic shape 2 points, circle for the socket shape 2 point. Is a stone conic shape, as in the photos, implied in the description of this dream? I can’t tell. Overall 1.5.

    Comment by Harry — Tue 7-Dec-2004 @ 5:35 pm

Mon 6-Dec-2004

Sherri Lacy

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3. ASSOCIATED THEMES: Shields, Knights, etc. The place they are at is beautiful. Ocean view and very green surroundings.
4. OTHER PSI HINTS: Woman and Man are remote viewing senders. One is dressed in Green.

  1. Many people seem to think there’s something historic involved. I don’t know if I’m missing some connection. One point for the castle, overall 1.

    The color green has come up several times too. I asked Sao, but he couldn’t make anything of it. He was wearing black jeans, black shirt and shoes and a black leather jacket.

    Comment by Harry — Tue 7-Dec-2004 @ 1:15 pm

Rita Dwyer

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Dear Harry,

Sorry that I am not too attuned to the target this month…too much going on over the weekend.

My first impression was from a word "underground" which made me think of some Metro train place where the viewer might be traveling to get to where the viewing was to be one. But underground was the operative word.

Then I had a dream with a friend from Philadelphia but lost most of the details since I was sleeping with a grandchild and on their waking me, what was important in my dream was lost.

Last night’s dream fragment was more interesting in which I was climbing a split stone cliff, like a "chimney" rock-climbers call them, where one must use both sides to maneuver/edge the way to the top. It was very tall, gray stone mountain, magnificent, somehow historical, but I knew that the view from the top would be even more spectacular, a large lake somewhere sticks in my mind. I got nearly to the top but thought maybe I should quit since I wasn’t sure I could get back down, was working on it, when my recall again was blown by needing to get up too fast with an alarm.

Bad again, sorry Harry, you need better team members than this old dog! Rita

  1. Thanks for highlighting the elements you trust the most. Underground, perhaps as in only the hands being above the ground. Two points. Philadelphia is east coast USA. One point for USA. Perhaps I’m missing some association to Philadelphia. The “very tall, gray stone mountain” could at best refer to certain large buildings.

    Overall 1.5.

    Comment by Harry — Tue 7-Dec-2004 @ 1:12 pm

Curt Hoffman

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Here is the one dream I recall from last night (maybe around 4 AMEST):

I am with my wife in a large, open room. There are probably several other people in the room, none distinct. In the smaller room adjacent, there is a bright green oval table with a small cardboard box on it in which people are expected to place offerings. We are uncertain what to do about this. My youngest son arrives and explains that the offering box is for Gould. He says that we should leave something fairly small as an offering. I go into the room andput a few very small golden coins into the box. My wife is concerned that this is really for the Go’a'ul, but I insist that it’s not, and that it’s perfectly OK to leave an offering.

The most striking symbol in the dream was the bright green oval table with the box on it. The table had four legs and seemed to be rathersolid, made of wood – but the color was quite unusual. The box was maybe 1 foot square and 6 inches high, with a slot in the top for the offerings. The coins were much smaller than any U.S. coins, perhaps 1/4 inch in diameter, and had a raised crown design on the one side Isaw. The Go’a'ul are an evil starfaring race from a Science FictionTV show, Stargate SG-1. They are snakey critters and require human hosts, whom they dominate from inside their bodies. Some characters on the show consistently mispronounce their name as “Gould", I certainly wouldn’t want to offer anything to them!



  1. Isn’t there supposed to be something like offering in praying? It feels related to me. Two points. Gould sounds like gold, that comes fairly close to the color of the hands. Three points.

    I wonder whether the sci-fi theme picked up on the architectural style of the campus. Two points.

    After my initial rating, Sao emailed me the following: Roberts was the original ‘’for a small donation” evangelist, he’s forever asking for them and the whole university was built on them, in fact the sidewalks around the university are lined with about 20,000 bricks (guessing the number) engraved with the names of of donators.

    Yep, I had missed that. This is significant, four points.

    The hits are strong, but I’m supposed to rate on the location only. Overall, 2.5.

    Comment by Harry — Tue 7-Dec-2004 @ 1:05 pm

Sun 5-Dec-2004

Addendum Goshengolly

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Dear Harry:

If my precog. dream was more accuate than my waking RV, I would suggest that my precog. dream depicted the NYFD, or NYC (USA) Fire Department, as the source of the RV sender’s site.

If my RV was more accurate, I would predict that the images I discerned might be more related to a viewing of an oil painting, and perhaps a Rembrandt (old master art work) vs. an French impressionist painting, of a character with a hat on, and a frilly collar on their dress.

I am happy to be done with the experiment, and guessing. This is the "toughest part" of the contest. Once the logging of the input is done, there is the nice period of quiescense, and waiting for the veracity of each dreamer’s participation….. a very lovely "sigh of relief" ensues, either way….

Yours Truly,


Anders Vogt

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Below is a dream, which I had last night (3am CET-9am CET).


My sister and I are outside a high building in a big city. 3 movies are being shown at 3pm on the top floor of the building. I think that we are in an east coast city in the US, probably New York.

There is a conference going on in the building. A Canadian psychologist (who some say are living in London) arrives to do an introductory speech. Her first name is Katherine or Kathlene or perhaps just Kathy. Two little kids are there next to us on the street. They are reading a pamphlet with a mention of the psychologist, but apparently they think that she is a famous singer/dancer. They are very excited about the opportunity of seeing this person. I know they are wrong, but for some reason I choose not to tell them.

I enter the lobby with a small dog. It’s feet are very hot from the asphalt outside, It is clearly a relief for the dog to feel the cold stone floor of the lobby beneath its paws. Someone is talking about – unusual weather conditions –. I travel to the top floor of the building with my sister in an open elevator similar to those found in the National Parliament building in Copenhagen.

When we arrive at the top floor (floor number 40, I believe), it is snowing. The top floor is partly open, as if it was under construction. Large rough concrete pillars stretch toward the ceiling and there is no glass in the windows. Big flakes are falling in a 45 degree angle – it is quite windy. I notice some kitchen personnel on this floor.

We go to see one of the movies. It is an experimental movie from when web cams first came out. Most of the scenes are variants of the same event. A elaborately decorate boat filled with south American indigenous warriors arrive on the shore of a beach. This happens a number of times, but each time the decorations on the boat change. At some point the face of Paul Auster, the author, appears in front of the boat scene as part of a detailed collage.

  1. Like Leon, viewing something animated. Conference, a pamphlet. All (possibly) educational, three points.

    Floor number 40 isn’t quite the 60 floors of the main tower, but the idea is there. Four points.

    There’s a recurring sense of experimental in this dream, which reminds me of the photos of the campus buildings. One point.

    Overall 2.

    Comment by Harry — Tue 7-Dec-2004 @ 12:59 pm

Bjo Ashwill

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Dream Dec 4th, 3am.
I am at a resort town on a beach. A man (dark hair, mid 30’s, medium height, slim) and "I" are inside a spacious hotel lobby type room. Daytime. Then we are at the beach front, swimming, only all I see is a pair of plaid (reds and greens or blues) swim trunks with an elastic waist band. This represented the man. I thought about how slim he must be to be able to wear these small trunks. We went off to visit another small resort village near by.

RV viewing Dec. 4th, 12:15PM Pacific Coast time.
The single word London, and a bridge with large rectangular, tall blockish ends holding up all the cable work, old stone, sort of London Bridge like, that was supposedly over the river Thames. Also a strong image of an emerald green color.

Thanks, Bjo

  1. Dream. The invisible man with trunks. A bit like the invisible man with hands. Stretching it a bit of course. I think the interesting stuff may have been in that other small resort village near by. One point, overall 1.

    RV. The bridge carrying over (information?) cables might be symbolic for the university. One point, overall 1.

    Comment by Harry — Tue 7-Dec-2004 @ 12:50 pm

Gillian Holloway

Filed under: November 2004 — @ 3:45 pm

RV Challenge Results

Method: RV


Gillian Holloway

1. Impression of height differential - high and low, similar to precipice or
high view.
2. Undulating feel - like something rhythmically unfurling or rolling.
3. Craggy quality to landscape. Rough edges.
4. Being above, looking down: sharp edge like a shoreline.
5. Sizeable jutting monolith-type thing rising up from scene below.
6. Circular clear spot at top of vantage spot.
7. Feels mainly solitary, not a feeling of people nearby.
8. Wind, or motion feeling, even when being still.
9. Architecture in the area seems stony, or stucco.
10. Tall spiky poles behind vantage point: something technological nearby.
11. Impression of the letter " I."
12. Impression of a name, beginning with C that is two words, about 5
13. A flash of jelly beans or beads in a clear container - very colorful.

  1. From the photos the area looks fairly flat to me. I would call the hands a monolith, but otherwise the “Sizeable jutting monolith-type thing rising up” comes pretty close. Three points. Solitary is correct, in itself four points. Spiky poles must be the flags, four points. Stony, or stucco architecture around, three points. Something technological nearby, I guess that this could refer to the university, three points.

    Hannah mentioned a word beginning wit a C, perhaps “char". I can’t make anything of that, nor could Sao.

    Overall 2.5.

    Comment by Harry — Tue 7-Dec-2004 @ 12:39 pm

RV Turkey: Marti Uctu

Filed under: November 2004 — @ 9:29 am


The RV activity which was held last night was very new to me and I can’ t feel that I am succesfull about it but the things I saw were;

someone in dark clothes, thin, sitting on a table and reading or writing something and than drawind a picture (a forest)

he is in or near a tall building but at the same time there is the sea and there are seagulls on the sea.

there is a scissors and a torch (or any other light source) and also a car.

Regards, Ozlem.

  1. Welcome Marti, or should I say Ozlem? Reading or writing fits with studying, two points. Overall, again the water is confusing, 1.5.

    Comment by Harry — Tue 7-Dec-2004 @ 12:27 pm

Leon de Kock (MR Coffee)

Filed under: November 2004 — @ 9:28 am

RV from Leon de Kock (MR Coffee)

First the awake RV.
The road that runs to the west of Middleburg, I’m driving on it? (Middleburg is one of those way out of the city towns, big countryside.)

The Midleburg area, lots of countryside.
A big river with ravine.
A young person standing somewhere in nature, about waist deep in growth.
I think it’s sunny.
Glimpses of the city Moscow. It’s cold and snowing. Not completely dark. But miserable.
There is a girl drawing water from a well. I wonder why the wooden bucket is not leaking, but she has sealed it with bee’s wax. Her family wonder about her. At first they think she is evil because her wooden bucket doesn’t leak, but then they agree she is just clever.

Now a dream
I’m in an aquarium. It’s just one room, that changes to show all the stuff under the sea. It’s not even a big room, and it has a low ceiling and it’s dark. On the floor there is some seasand and other stuff. A film shows, it shows an animal like a giant crab swimming on top of the water, chasing its prey, which is octopus. There are so many of the octopus that the water boils with them. But sometimes the video changes, and then it’s an octopus chasing crabs. Sometimes the video shows under the water. More crabs and octopus.

I leave the room and speak to some people. I realize that there is a kind of ticket needed to get into the aquarium room. There was nobody in the aquarium room with me, I was there alone.

There is another room, with 3 people in it, myself, a kid and an adult.

Leon de Kock

  1. RV. Lots of countryside may refer to the campus, which seems to have plenty of space around it. One point for that.

    Dream. There’s something educational about the aquarium room, two points for that. The reference to water and fish is sowewhat confusing with regards to the real target, so overall 1.5.

    Comment by Harry — Tue 7-Dec-2004 @ 12:25 pm

Kathy Turner

Filed under: November 2004 — @ 9:28 am

Dear RVTarget: I don’t think this will get anywhere near it - but as I asked for something and this is what I got - I’m sending it to you.

I seem to be standing on some - place just like Kay’s RV target of the cobb at Lymme Regis (that’s why I’m suspicious - I think my brain must just be lazy!).
Anyway I first see the beginning of a spiral movement of a flock of seagulls - flying from the sea over the land - I mean the spiral itself isn’t complete - the movement has the fluidity of a spiral - and the three dimensionality of it. I see the wet sand, grainy sand of the beech. The land is slightly higher than the beech (about a metre) and green green grass grows to its edge. The soil is dark brown (rich soil - strange for the seaside!).
I’m standing in a position that feels out to sea a little, looking back to the land - I am also definitely higher than the sea - about the same height as the land. The day is greyish (a sort of rainey day but it is not raining now). No evidence of anything else. I don’t see the sea (though I should!!! from where I am - unless the tide is right out - but I didn’t have a sense of the tide being out - perhaps this explains the toughts in my mind!)
As I woke some lines from Mathew Arnold’s poem "Dover Beech" were in my mind - the lines are about "the sea of faith":
But now I only hear
Its melancholy, long, withdrawing roar,
Retreating, to the breath
Of the night-wind, down the vast edges drear
And naked shingles of the world.

(The whole poem is below)

Matthew Arnold

Dover Beach

THE sea is calm to-night.
The tide is full, the moon lies fair
Upon the straits;� on the French coast the light
Gleams and is gone; the cliffs of England stand,
Glimmering and vast, out in the tranquil bay.
Come to the window, sweet is the night-air!
Only, from the long line of spray
Where the sea meets the moon-blanch’d land,
Listen! you hear the grating roar
Of pebbles which the waves draw back, and fling,
At their return, up the high strand,
Begin, and cease, and then again begin,
With tremulous cadence slow, and bring
The eternal note of sadness in.

Sophocles long ago
Heard it on the Ægean, and it brought
Into his mind the turbid ebb and flow
Of human misery; we
Find also in the sound a thought,
Hearing it by this distant northern sea.

The Sea of Faith
Was once, too, at the full, and round earth’s shore
Lay like the folds of a bright girdle furl’d.
But now I only hear
Its melancholy, long, withdrawing roar,
Retreating, to the breath
Of the night-wind, down the vast edges drear
And naked shingles of the world.

Ah, love, let us be true
To one another! for the world, which seems
To lie before us like a land of dreams,
So various, so beautiful, so new,
Hath really neither joy, nor love, nor light,
Nor certitude, nor peace, nor help for pain;
And we are here as on a darkling plain
Swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight,
Where ignorant armies clash by night.


  1. Perhaps the spiraling movement somehow indicated the shape of the hands. One point for that.

    Now, the poem. I didn’t immediately link the English word “faith” to religion, and in turn to the background of the campus. In a sense, the campus is a sea of faith. A good hit requiring some interpretation, three points, but it’s possible that other people would have made the connection much easier, so making it four points.

    Overall, 2.

    Comment by Harry — Tue 7-Dec-2004 @ 12:20 pm


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12/04/2004 RV Contest
Submitted by Goshengolly

Incubated Dream of RV Target: 12/03/04

I dreamed of being in a City, and trying to find the back road out of the City. I have dreamed of this location before. I couldn’t find a street name, but found the route I must take to leave the City. It is a back route. Then I am in a building. There are foreign men living here, Hispanic I think, and part of a family. The father, or head of the group, has an apartment here, with his six boys, but he is not allowed to live, and work, here. He has to rent two apartments to accomplish his task. In one apartment he sleeps with his six “boys“. They have three twin beds and sleep two people to a bed. The other apartment is rented for hi “business“. I travel down the hall and see the glass doors leading to his “business“. There is a large red truck he has parked here in his business apartment. It is a 6 or 8 wheeler truck, and this is his “business“. The predominant shape in the dream is a Square, or rectangle.

Evaluation of Dream Experience:
Geographic Location: Coast of USA
Specific Location: New York City, USA (?)
Artifacts: Red Truck, Sleeping Centers like an apartment, and also a “business“.
Themes: Activity, and Rest. (Transport activity).
Timeline: Current, 21st Century
Conscious Impressions: I felt as if I were part of a family of “men“ who were busy with living and working in an inner city area, busy living and “accomplishing“ a task together.

RV Target Impressions: 12/04/04

I started to RV at 3:15 pm EST. The following images came into my mind:
As I sought the “target“ I envisioned the sending/retrieving that was needed to reach the target, and an image came to mind of a lighthouse, with its light spinning circularly in a 360 degree circle. Then I saw a cliff of rocks at the edge of the ocean�
Then I envisioned the following images:
- A woman flying up and out of my visual field. She looked as if she was swimming, but I imagined her flying off to find the target.
- A man wearing an “outdoor“ coat, like a “hunter“.
- A man wearing an “outdoor“ hat, like a “hunter“.
- A woman wearing a hat and decorative collar, as if from the late 18th/early 19th Century, and she struck me as a character in a portrait by a French Impressionist painter.

Then I focused on shapes. (See attached drawings.) The shapes in the waking RV differed from my incubated dream, in that I saw nothing square, or rectangular in my RV impressions, as I had seen in my incubated dream.

After the impressions of shapes, I envisioned a man, in rather conservative dress: a button down white shirt and dark sweater, who struck me as a professor of science. I then saw a brass artifact, museum quality piece, of a compass that was like a drawing compass, from the late 18th or early 19th century, used to measure degrees of an ARC, rather than used for drawing purposes. It struck me as an “aeronautical“ tool for measurement.

I then saw a man wearing a hat; this time it appeared to be an “aviator’s cap“; a rounded cap made of leather, with leather ear flaps, from the early 19th century.

Evaluation of RV experience:

Geographic Location: US, England or France
Specific Location: A Museum exhibit, or Professor’s Office; coastal location Artifacts: A brass aeronautical compass; a French Impressionistic Painting
Themes: Trans-Atlantic flight,; Celebration.
Timeline:Early 19th Century
Conscious impressions, (post RV): “Cliffs of Dover“� the Wright Brothers� Lindbergh’s Transatlantic flight, ..Amelia Earhart� French Impressionists� Aeronautics�


  1. Dream: Working and living in the same area fits with a campus. One point for that. USA is a good guess for the general area, one point.

    RV: The UFO-on-a-stick looks a bit like a lighthouse, minus the actual lights. Two points for that. Three points for professor of science, two points for the measurement instrument.

    I wondered how old this university is. The website says “The University that bears Oral Roberts’ name was chartered in 1963 and accepted its first students in 1965.” Sorry, no luck with the mention of early 19th century it seems.

    The overall impression of your RV points to something entirely different, so I think 1.5 is a good total rating.

    Comment by Harry — Tue 7-Dec-2004 @ 12:16 pm

Noah and Hannah

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I was walking by a school and one of the students, a creepy teenage boy, said hello to me and started following me. I told him he would have to go back to school and he stated that he would not. I began to wrestle with the kid and eventually had him immobilized. I told him he had to go back to school or I would not release him. He finally said he would go back to school so I released him. He ran toward "my" house. I rushed to the house thinking that he was trying to rob me. He and another small boy ran away when I got close to the door. The house was on a neighborhood street and there were many stair steps leading to the house. Upon entering I checked to see if my money and wallet were still there and they were. I was then in the attic of the house and it was like a long hallway. There were shelves on either side of the halllway. Some of the shelves were empty and some were full of gadgets and things that I knew were involved in witchcraft. There were two men walking around making some sort of preparations as if there was about to be a festival or market of some sort. Even though I was in the attic, there was another staircase that led up even farther. I just knew there was a dark haired witch/wiccan up there.

backpack/hiker, brown make-up bag or toiletry pouch, spatula moving up and down in a mechanical timing attached to gears or cog wheels, paper sack with handles or shopping bag, cloth attached to a wooden dowel rod like a flag on a castle, woman with long straight dark hair with bangs sitting or kneeling she’s a mother, a cloth ribbon or bow. Sweden



Hannah’s Viewing…

RV: horses; the words trail or trap; the word time and the image of a clock; five points like a hand with fingers outstretched (fig. a); a shape that reminded me of a cake (basically a cylinder that is fairly short) (fig. b) then after I saw that I saw the top of the cylinder opening as if it had a lid; the color red-violet; another shape like a line with anther line branching off from a little left of the middle and down at an angle (fig. c); then I was feeling frustrated by these fleeting images and I tried starting with a black "screen" with a pin point size hole of light in the middle that was growing larger and I wanted to see the target location in the light area when it was large enough… I saw grey stone with a light sky, this scene reminds me of a castle; next I saw flowers; then a word that starts with "ch" maybe "char…" I don’t get a complete word; the word down (I almost thought down- under, but I may have been stretching to get the "under"; last I tried to see as if from the senders’ view but all I got was cold, breezy/windy, hear birds.

The two things that repeated were horses and flowers.

Thank You!


  1. Noah’s dream. Four points for the school. Wrestling involves hands, but I’m conflicted whether that deserves a point. There is a suggestion of being in a really tall building, say four points. Witchcraft could be related to Oral Roberts, two points.

    Noah’s RV. The one thing that stands out is the mention of a flag, but it’s amidst of things that draw more attention. One point.

    Overall a very nice attempt, 2.5.

    Comment by Harry — Mon 6-Dec-2004 @ 9:32 pm

  2. Hannah’s viewing. I always like sketches. Reading from the text, I know the first thing is a hand. The second thing could be the socket it’s standing on. I wonder how the third thing comes in.

    Overall 2.5, almost going towards 3.

    Added later: Like Alev you’ve got flowers too. I don’t consider it a determining aspect of the location, so three points. Just not enough for me to change the overall rating.

    Comment by Harry — Mon 6-Dec-2004 @ 10:16 pm

Mon 22-Nov-2004

Notes for December RV

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Specific location

I give points for hits, from 1 to 5. For the overall score hits related to the main object of the location weigh in more than hits on details or objects further away.

Some things I will be looking for:

- Hands is five points, although more details may be needed for an overall score of five. Points for A shapes too.
- Next comes the shape of the socket, depending on how many of the details are correct. Overall score depends on how many wrong shapes there were.
- The road with flags is special.
- The general environment of the campus, will be worth many points. I’m also thinking of the high Cityplex Towers and the UFO on the stick.

I think Oral Roberts partly belongs to the location category, and partly to the bonus category.

My main problem is how to rate submissions that found various elements, but no hands. I will let hands weigh in heavily in the overall rating.

General area

I’m not rating this, unless there is at least somewhat of a hit. So, it will be special to get this second rating.

- Harry