Remote Viewing Target 6 ― December 4th, 2004

Praying Hands

Sender's report

I had chosen the target several weeks before the target day, and had even made a 'scouting trip' to the location a couple of weeks before since it had been many years since I had actually physically visited the site. I thought of the target often during this whole time, vividly visualizing its predominate A-shape, and felt I might be 'sending' through the whole period leading up to the target day.

I didn't tell another living soul about the target. I don't know why such secrecy seemed important. I told a number of people, friends, family, coworkers, that I would be the sender for a remote viewing, but when they would inevitably ask about the chosen location I felt disinclined to divulge it, even though they would not be participating and would be very unlikely to have any influence on the results.

In spite of the subject matter, I really don't see this statue as intrinsically religious. In its massive presence the impression is simply one of humanity. I didn't see this giant pleading to the heavens for favors, but perhaps simply thrusting up its hands to look at them and affirm its own being. Obviously one feels markedly dwarfed in its presence, and during the sending this seemed highly amplified--it made me feel quite 'high' and I almost felt I was disappearing or dissolving in a light, almost thoughtless trance state.

It was a beautiful, crisp and clear autumn day, though it had rained and been much colder for several days before and rained more the next day.

I think most Tulsans have a rather odd, almost embarrassed feeling about the ORU campus; the weird, dated architecture seems a bit out of place, and of course Oral Roberts himself is a controversial character. He went from having tent revivals on this very location, some black and white footage of which they still show on late night television here with Oral engaged in 'faith healings' and 'casting out demons,' to raising an almost obscene amount of money to build these edifices. When he built the City of Faith, he claimed he had a vision of a 900 foot tall Jesus directing him to build it--but its purpose never came to pass. Of course many feel that he is a true man of faith, while others believe he was a snake-oil selling charlatan just out to make money. My own opinion is that he is slightly mad.

It's also notable that immediately after the sending I became incredibly drowsy, oddly because I had only been awake for a few hours. By the time I arrived back at home I could not stay awake, and slept for several more hours. I had a dream that I logged on to see the results of the viewing and found that everyone had submitted a direct hit. There were detailed drawings and even other photographs of the actual site submitted, and I became a bit angry, thinking there must have been a 'leak,' or some kind of cheating involved.