Remote Viewing Target 6 ― December 4th, 2004

Praying Hands

Sender's report

The target is approximately 45 minutes from my home and I planned to give myself plenty of time to arrive and settle in to the environment, unfortunately the holiday traffic in my path was much greater than expected and I took this shot from my red Ford pickup truck mere seconds after the sculpture came into view, at exactly 2 PM my time. I chalked it up to 'perfect timing.' :)

The address of the campus is 7777 South Lewis Avenue.

In the background you can just make out another prominent feature, the infamous space-ship-on-a-stick ORU Prayer Tower.

See also the clickable map of the Campus at for more detailed views of the surrounding architecture, odd bits of which are visible in the background when one is visiting the statue. There is another small site, by photographer Jeffery Gottesman, which gives a very basic view of these separate buildings here and an old aerial view of the campus here. (Note that in this last view the sculpture is outside the photo just to the west, or right of the frame.)




This engraved legend is posted in the tiny parking area--about ten spaces--for access to the structure, and I've added a diagram showing where I was when I took the above picture ( ), the parking area itself ( ) and the approximate area of the one of the two small benches provided for meditating upon the statue, where I spent the majority of the thirty minute window ( ). 

The top of this legend is due east.




This is a shot from the bench, where I sat from about 2:03 until about 2:20. I was the only person in the garden area of the statue. I would end up staying on the campus until a few minutes after 3 PM and only saw a handful of pedestrians, a couple of cyclists, a skateboarder, and a handful of vehicles coming and going during that time.

The engraved inscription on the marble base reads:

Educating the whole man
"And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man" Luke 2:52

The evergreen in the foreground of this shot is only about a meter high and previewing it in my camera's LCD I began to realize how deceptively difficult it is to get a sense of the sheer mass of this piece in a photo. I hoped for someone to come along and give it scale.


About 2:20 this guy arrived, took a couple of pictures, and departed.  

I strolled around the scuplture in a few widening circles and took a few more pictures until about 2:30. I then continued to wander the campus for another half hour.