Remote Viewing Target 5 ― November 2004

Groninger Museum

Sender's report

30 minutes

I arrived by train at 10.10 am local time. A few seconds later I had the museum in sight.

While in the train, I suddenly realized that I had given the Turkish dream group the wrong time. However, the post on the Bulletin Board had the correct time.

I entered the museum at 10.16 am, bought a ticket, then descended into the museum. I went to the part under the Coop Himmelb(l)au pavillion, which is where current exhibitions are displayed. I spent the entire half hour there. What can I say. It's big, and there's a lot to see.

The current exhibition is titled Nocturnal Emissions, showcasing the work of several artists. They all have very different ways of expression. All I can say is that old fashioned painting is not really used much.

There's little to report about people in the museum. There were few at this relatively early moment of the day.

Notes for the jury

This target provides a huge amount of material, not only for the building itself, but also due to the wide variety of objects, installations, and videos on on display within the museum. I'm hoping that some people will get that there are multiple buildings, or better yet, that this could be a museum.

Front view museum
[These photos are made with a mobile phone. They look fuzzy, but the colors are much more pronounced.]

Inside coop traumblau
[This is the inside of the Coop Himmelb(l)au pavillion. If you're there, you think the floor is wrong, while in fact the walls are to blame for that illusion.]

notice the colors
[Just to show you the colors, which are stronger inside than on the outside of the buildings.]
walking under water
[The windows start at shoulder height, which means you can only just peek outside. You're walking up to your waist in the water, or further depending on the weather.]

A dream

There's some room to fill up, so here's a dream I had this morning.
There's a young German man standing next to me, the cool artist type. Somebody hands him tobacco. He signals me not to tell anyone. I don't care. He asks me to fish out the shit. I take a look.

The next moment I've got two little pieces of hashish in my hands. Right, that's what he meant with shit. He repeats not to tell anyone. Sure, ok. Judging by his face, the man seems satisfied with what I've done for him. For a while he makes a weird side to side wobbling movement

Now, I'm to slap him in his face. I understand that this will somehow benefit him, but can't think of any reason why. I don't like doing it. He briefly changes the topic, then asks me again. Well, ok, if he insists.

All the time, another man has been standing silently along with us, next to the artist.
The hashish part has to do with a movie I saw last night. Somebody getting hurt in his face came up in a dream a day before.