Remote Viewing Target 5 ― November 2004

Groninger Museum

Sender's report

The Groninger Museum was not my first choice. It is too big and too rich in imagery, and I found it wouldn't be fair towards other target providers. However, target #1 wasn't available, and target #2 wasn't really feasible. When I walked along the museum some time ago, I saw the theme of the current exhibition: Nocturnal Emissions. That seemed a good sign.

A short note on why I am providing a target this time. After the fourth Remote Viewing Challenge I wanted to introduce a separate jury. Yet, the results should still be available immediately after the 72 hours. So, to make it easier, I decided to keep it simple, and first figure out how to coordinate with a jury on my own.

Harry Bosma
Nocturnal Emissions
[poster for the current exhibition]