Submitted viewings RV Challenge of June 2004

Comments sent by Ilkin to me (Harry) have been inserted in italic.
Well, I'm at work and predictably it got too busy - I had about 30 seconds.

No immediate impressions, then a sense of glaring sunshine, then I tried to hover as if over a map, to see where I got pulled, and the eastern part of the Mediterranean held a tug.

But in truth, I'm not sure that qualifies - although I don't know anyone in the group or where they are (save Harry and now Laura) or who they are,  I do know that there are people in Istanbul, and I had noted the anomaly of times giving Istanbul as 12 am when it should probably have said 12 noon/pm...

Guess I'm not sure of my impressions, it would be easy enough to merely 'guess' at Turkey/Istanbul. Anyway, shame about the timing, from my working point of view  ;)  but that's the best I can do.

- Direct hit about the place.
Hi again, Can I add something?

I had this dream on Tuesday morning, and while I was writing it down I was rather caught up in its overall theme - only later did I realise that it had an unusual, for me, clarity of locale, and it occurred to me that perhaps I'd actually been to the target. So, with the risk of looking stupid  :D  here is the paragraph that describes the locale:

"I'm at some kind of school, learning place, and I've been with a group of other women/girls, sitting in a courtyard. I'm not sure if we've just had a short break, or eating our lunches. It's daytime, if it's sunny it's not overly bright, but pleasant. The courtyard has benches, and I think gravelled pathways, with a lawn, or perhaps a raised bed with shrubs. There are many of these, and then small raised beds between the benches." Courtyard, or some kind of (small and) formal park, with several secluded 'courtyard' areas. A waking thought was even a maze of sorts. 'Learing place' in a wide sense, the women could suggest a convent. Now this would have been about four hours before the remote viewing which, if the target is indeed in Turkey, would account for the different experience in daylight - it would have been around 8 am there (6 am where I am, which is the UK, so the target I perceived to be to the east and south of me). Anyway, with the last viewing in memory, where I didn't include all I'd seen, I thought I'd not repeat that mistake.
- A possible description of an Aphrodite temple or school of cult.
After driving through many cities I stop for a holiday dinner at a someone's home.  I don't know the people in the home.  I walk up to one of the guest, whom I cannot describe, and I ask, "where am I, I have been driving through so many cities that I am unsure of where I am", he or she said, "OKLAHOMA."  I wondered if they were going to serve okra.  I said to myself, "if they do I will have to be polite and eat it."  Then I remembered that I like okra!
I am then at home in California.  I've decided to sell my new "tuscan style" house. The house sells immediately.  I am without a home and I go out looking to buy a new house. I wonder why I sold my house because I loved it so much.
Hey.....doesn't SAO live in Oklahoma?  Was he the sender? Thanks - Lizlynne
- Aphrodisiacs, named after Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty. Okra is believed to increase semen production.
- According to a less known legend; When the Venus emerged from the waves of the sea, seven gemstones fell from her tiara, and so the Islands of the Tuscan Archipelago were born

Here is the dream I had around 5:00 A.M. this morning, Eastern Daylight Time (Boston area):

I approach the summit of a mountain, somewhere in southeastern Europe, on foot from the west.  These are old mountains, their hard lines softened by age.  There is some yellowish-brown soil at the summit, and a single old tree, grey and gnarly, is growing at an angle to the left, overhanging the rock face.  I am alone here.

I had the impression that I might be in the Carpathians -- which I have never visited, though my maternal grandparents come from that region. 

I attach a sketch of the scene, in jpg format.
- Close hit to the location. The sketch has a resemblance to the tower, as a shape with a flag pole at top.
This went much harder than the first challenge. I think I got nothing at all, sorry.

I first had to take my mind of from the idea that you might be in a museum. I got that idea when you mentioned taking a tour.

The only thing I got were very faint images. One of hard rain, frozen. I feeling of something glass like. One of a children's sledge. And a large shape much like mountain crystal. There may be a simple explanation for all of this. I had spent the first 15 minutes totally n vain, trying to catch something. Then I decided to take a shower, getting ready for an appointment.

Bummer. Picture attached.

- Although it is used mainly as a restaurant, it is a historical place and tourists has tours as  museum. It was raining hard during the sending time and the water / pool was glass like. A child sledge may be very much like in the shape of ancient wooden boat like vehicles to reach the islet.
I tried very hard to stay up, but fell asleep last night.  Somewhere around 2:00 am, I was talking to an actress in a dream.  She was wearing a uniform, so instantly it seemed to me to be a military movie.  There was no battle of any sort going on. The uniform was a tawny brown color, they style was familiar, but couldn't be placed in my memory of US military uniforms. I thought it's probably 1941 and we are in a war movie, and she is playing a nurse. I said "I know you, you are Andi McDowell."  Actually I'm not sure I've the name right, can't remember any movies she's been in, and she's shown up in my dreams before. She has beautiful hair... maybe to me, actresses always have wonderful hair, no matter what's going on. She grinned at me and said "This is not what you think it is."

An alarm goes off in my mind and I abruptly awake to stare at the clock which reads 2:55 (which would be about 2:00 am, since it runs an hour fast.) I think, "I'm supposed to remote view!" However, then I must have tipped right over back into sleep.

Back in the dream, I look for Andi, but she's gone.  I'm at a site where they are building.  What is standing is a frame, skeleton of a building to be. The frame is wood bars rising to the sky and a distinct doorway. The scene is circular in my perspective and all around are large trash bags full of clothes. There are many people working on the structure, which I suppose is a shelter for the homeless, or some other community oriented building.

All night I'd been thinking about the 1940's, thinking about my relatives.  It probably tilted the dream.  The uniform reminds me a bit of the police uniforms in Mexico... not sure how to describe it other than it was a tawnier brown than beige.
- Mars; Roman god of war and agriculture, identified with the Greek god Ares, father of Romulus and Remus, was a favorite lover of Venus. Rubens painted Venus, leaning into the embrace of her lover, Mars, who is transfixed by her alluring gaze. Caught up in his attraction to the aggressively seductive goddess, Mars is no longer able to carry out his military exploits. Also; Some of Aphrodite's followers were warrior women who would later be called Amazons.
The morning before, since it was a hard time to approach, I just wanted to add that there was a lithograph of a beetle, finely drawn to the little feathery front legs.  It was a strong picture that was there for a long time.  When I awoke, the clock read 6:39 and in trying to wake, the 6 and 3 became like fierce opponents, squaring off like an emblem.

That's odd, just wondering if anyone saw a bug or an emblem like a lion and another thing.

I'll try to draw a pic of the scene, tomorrow.'s a picture. I lost the first one earlier. My drawing program tends to crash. I don't feel like this a place someone would have visited, but it was fun to draw...the first time :) Good luck to all,

- The target tower had been burned and collapsed by earthquakes many times in the history and rebuild again. The tower was used as prison, hospital and storage too. "Leander" name, origins from "lion". Means "lion of a man" from Greek leon "lion" and andros "of a man".
Waking impressions during the window:
upright ring on a pole, seems to be made of brass in one piece

the word "canary" -- immediately associated with the image of a pale yellow and deep purple bird. (not, apparently, a canary) -- this was a bizarre and apparently mythological bird, its pale yellow plumage was puffy and downy while its evenly spaced deep purple feathers, dotting it so to speak, were very defined and even sharp... the bird was on a perch and seemed to be in a very large 'cage" or greenhouse type aviary with a zoo or even a circus type atmosphere. I saw other "parrots" but these too seemed to be fantastic and mythological species. -- I also saw a mass of other bizarre creatures, somewhere between apes and clowns--not very distinct. had the impression these were "historical figures" --perhaps photos or drawings as opposed to actual beings..

then i saw the outside of a building with a sidewalk that ran up a gentle incline all along one side. the sidewalk was lined with a pale blue-violet railing -- the railing and the inclined sidewalk were the most distinct features. the building itself was low, two stories, and seemed to be situated on the side of a cliff or drop-off, with perhaps other floors "underground" or terraced along the drop-off...
- The Rose and the Myrtle are sacred to Aphrodite and said to be connected with the story of Adonis. The Dove and Sparrow are Aphrodite's birds, as well as the swans, which pulled her chariot. Since ancient times Aphrodite has been depicted as coming out from a Shell. Lynx was also known as her animal. Canary (beauty of voice, use of song in healing, finding your soul's song, happiness, ability to find joy in song during times in darkness/shadow)  was not there, lost in the legend. The maiden is prisoner in the tower, can be defined as cage.
Dream, before the window:
I was inside a large industrial-sized shower room with a friend, showering. the building was deserted and there was a bizarre and incongruous sort of romantic feeling. just as I became conscious of this, a huge cockroach (perhaps a foot long) appeared and then just as quickly disappeared. we began to search for this insect because of its obvious striking size. suddenly the roach appeared right before my face in mid air, fanning its wings and hovering like a hummingbird. when i tried to catch it, it vanished. I realized I was trying to get somewhere else and i left the building and saw that it was a "floating building" -- connected to the "shore" by an intricate network of docks or floating sidewalks that shifted and rocked as i walked along them. i noticed large exotic goldfish in the water under the docks. one fish in particular seemed to be watching me. it occured to me that the building was a 'fish farm"
- Floating building, describing the tower and "Goldfish" (prosperity, beauty, harmony, balance between mind and emotion, peace) was what Hero and Leander look for. Scyhiller also describes the waves Hero throw herself in his ballad "Hero and Leander".
I'm from the state of Oregon.  I set my alarm for 2:00 am and as I laid there with my eyes closed and breathing slowly and deeply I saw  something like a state sign in the shape of a rectangle and then an octagone one  and the words Ohio Cornfields came to me?

This was fun.
- Venus (Aphrodite) was also Goddess of agriculture (cereal grains, corn, bread).
Harry insisted that I write to you, even though I had absolutely no dream recall the night of the RV.  I will pick one dream from the day previous to the contest, and that was a man's voice telling me:  "There are no more secrets between us."  --hardly what I would consider a RV session....but anyway....I persisted.
I tried a meditation:  the image that I received was a distinct image of a large "X" shape.  I had a sense of open landscape area, not alot of buildings.  A fuzzy and blurred field with lots of flowers in bloom and possibly a windmill in the background.
Better luck next time. Wish everyone the best of success.
Forget to tell you ...that I am located in Providence, Rhode Island.  The tiniest little state in the USA.
I think that Harry was collecting information of where people were physically located.

- Similar words Leander told to Hero when they first met during a festival for Aphrodite. Similar to the festival area Leander and Hero met in the legend and some similarities with today's environment close to the tower.
Dear RVTarget – thanks for sending!
I doubt I got anything as I literally just shut my eyes and wandered how on earth I’d pick up on anything sent by someone, somewhere!!!!
I doubt even more when I saw the images – quite mundane – but they were clear and specific – so I’ll send them along – and guess taking my images more or less literally:
  • that the target was somehow related to earth and metal
  • and that the shapes were raised rectangle, slightly fluted at the edges, and flat rectangles;
  • and that there are two and a bit "things" in the target.
  • that the target was very precise in construction
As a more abstract guess I’d add:
-    that the target emphasized directionality (both horizontal and vertical and different compass points)
To become even more abstract, I’d guess the target:
-    was related to the precise ordering of the world (the neat garden beds; the filing system link)
- Direct description of the target.
Enough of wild guesses – I’m trying to find out how "to read" the images – because taking them literally never works for me!
Here is what I saw (from Australia – and I was out in the viewing by about 27 hours!):
I’m in a flat field enclosed by a simple wire strand fence, the strands between rough old weather worn wooden posts – the field feels like it is full of the most neatly tilled gardens I’ve ever seen.   I see two or two and a half garden beds (they are seen by me as if I’m standing in the field).   I’m facing North West – the beds are lined up along the North East axis or slightly at an angle to it.   Each bed is slightly raised (about 6 inches), the soil beautifully tilled, all in perfect place and even the corners of the rectangle were slightly fluted.   The beds were filled with very neat rows of plants (the first beans) – perhaps three rows in each bed – or maybe four.   The plants are all the same age – very young, yet firmly rooted – all about 6 inches high.  The beds themselves would have been about 6 foot by 3 foot.   Green mown grass around the neat edges.   The field felt like it had perhaps four rows of nine each of these beds – spaced by equal amounts of carefully mown grass.   The field is the same as an orchard I know – but it was no longer an orchard.
The next image I "see" is two (perhaps three but the third is out of vision) hanging flat metal rectangles.  They are about the same size as the garden beds, although a little more narrow.  Hanging (I don’t see their supports) vertically about one and a half feet above the ground – turned slightly – their side edges were facing along the East West axis – but not quite – being slightly at an angle to that.  The sheets of metal were that dull pink brown of filing cabinets – and the quality of metal in computers, I thought.   The metal sheets seemed to be placed as if they were above the garden beds – but when I looked at the beds they were not there and when I looked at them, the beds were not there.  
Sorry my mouse isn’t precise enough to draw!!  Looking forward to seeing your report!
- The festival area in the legend nd it is to the North West for Kathy.
- Now there are harbors and industrial facilities.

Dear Target,

I wasn't going to submit anything, because I didn't recall any dreams
from the night of the RV challenge or the night after that (and I was in a meeting when you were sending, so I couldn't sneak out and focus on you and the target location), but Harry just sent us an email in which he encourages us to submit something anyway. So I will describe to you the snippet I saw during yoga class, on 8 June, about 10 hours after the RV event. I used the relaxation time to tune in to the target location.

"I see a lot of oranges on a tree, bright orange, with green leaves. Then I see a spacious agricultural environment. It is a bright, sunny day and there is no one near. I see endless cornfields, stretching as far as the horizon, the corn gently swaying in the breeze. It is quiet and warm, the sky is blue, with only a few tiny clouds. I'm looking to the east (I think), away from the sun."

It's hardly surprising that anyone should get images like these during a yoga relaxation! :-)

Have fun reading all the reports!
- Many similarities with my garden and the festival area in the legend.
Well, now that I know who is sending the target, at least I understand why yesterday, in the middle of the nap dream I sent to May on the Bridge (the one where I said she was showing me around China) I got this very distinct picture of the Hagia Sophia with its gold domes shining :))

                        What a group!
- The Byzantine Emperor buried his daughter, under the Emperors' door of Hagia Sophia after she died in the tower.
I awoke to what I believe to be a dream but the only memory I have was the image of a baby with male genitalia which seemed large for such an infant. I immediately had the vision of the statue which I am believe is in Italy of a nude male in a public square. I have seen this statue before but do not remember the name.
I had looked for details of the remote viewing the night before and I had been unable to find the information and I had emailed Harry for instructions of how to get to that page.I woke up to this image before reading the time and yet had this dream right around the viewing time.  It was 18 hours later at the end of the day June 8th when I found out the viewing was early that morning.  When I tried to work this RV I was stuck on the image of the male genital in my face and could not go anywhere except the statue.
- When Zeus killed his father Uranus, he cut of his father's genitals and cast them into the sea. The sea foamed and boiled and Aphrodite arouse from the waters.
Time of Viewing: June 9th, 12:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. Portland,  Oregon, USA.

Viewer: Gillian Holloway

1) A tall singular structure with the impression of a pointed or spiked top. Centered in an open area. Impression of concrete and metal, solid and heavyand strong. Sharp angles.

2) Some complexity of structure at the base. Almost like chain, webbing, or something woven creating a wider base.

3) Several smaller vertical lines nearby, such as poles or lampposts.

4) Suggestion of circle in concrete or floor.

5) Pale green color.

6) Cool, gritty feeling if touched.

7) Setting has town-square feeling, as if this is a deliberate public display of the structure.

8) Thought- this is something that has taken a long time for it to be taken seriously. Unclear whether that refers to the target, or to the process of RV or something else?

I do not have a scanner to send a drawing at this time.

- Total description of the target (and around), the Tower.
I live in South Africa, so there's quite a bit of time lapse here. I hope this mail reaches you soon enough, the time differences gets me confused
On Tuesday night I dreamed of water running down one side of a dusty dirt road. It was a very short dream. It was daytime and I was at the bottom of the street and looking up.
On Wednesday night I again dreamed of water, this time running in some kind of concrete gutter, and again the water feature was all I remembered of the dream. This was a much darker dream, as I was somewhere deep in a building, like a basement.
- Total description to the target (and around), the Tower.
RMD:RV Experiment, 06/08/04

I incubated to find the RV target person and target before going to bed, hoping to dream about it and/or to wake up early to do the RV viewing. However, though I slept soundly for a few hours, I had no dream that seemed significant and then couldn't get back to sleep. I looked at the clock by the bedside at 5:02 AM and decided to try the RV. As I settled into an altered state, I began to get images as if from overhead of a building or place with triangular shaped rooflines, very brightly lit.

THEN: An Ernie (from Sesame Street) doll which belonged to my brother-in-law who died almost three years ago, started saying his usual, "I feel great!" very loudly out in the living room. He would say it a time or two, then stop and I'd try to go back to the Rving, I then he'd talk again a few times, then be quiet, finally after about the  4th time, I gave up and went out, put him down on the sofa with a pillow over him, and that was that! Gave up! No more images.

(This doll is one I gave to my bro-in-law as a kind of joke on one of his birthdays years ago. Bill was confined to a nursing  home and Ernie's haircut reminded me of Bill. The doll used to say (when you pressed his hand) "I feel so sleepy. I think I'll take a nap", then start to snore, then when he was sat up, said,  "I feel great". At the time my bro-in-law died, the doll wouldn't talk at all, even though new batteries had been tried, etc. I took him home from the nursing home, and keep him around this house or our lake house, where the children love to play with him. I just got him back that night from my son's home, where he had been "visiting" with their children. Every now and then Ernie/Bill talks, without anyone touching him, at any time of the day or night. No new batteries in these almost three years. It's kind of eerie but we think it's Bill coming back to say "Hi", and he feels great to be in spirit and rid of the body that gave him such pain. Thought you'd enjoy that story.)

Tried again last night to incubate a dream. In my dream the place is more less a public one, maybe with a stage, but with steps to a raised area. Some people are singing and some are costumed or dressed in fancy clothes, coming forward at the end to show themselves individually. They are of various ages, though at first they were younger people  and I thought the older people might  be their teachers. Maybe it was a church event, for one of the young men seemed to have a role as if he were Jesus. Vague now, didn't have time to write down in the AM.
- First she seems looking from the roof of the tower. Later the dream describes the restaurant atmosphere of the building. What do you think about the talking of Ernie? A message from Leander????
From Goshengolly

I decided to try a retrocognitive dream for the contest because I missed the 6/8/04 RV opportunity.  I made this attempt from the EST time zone.

6/9/2004 Dream

I dreamed of pushing a bed into a room through a block of ice.  A friend of mine (minister) was in the bed.  I asked him to raise the energy of himself and the bed so we could do it.  We ended up one level up in a room that was a display for a store. I was under suspicion for stealing the bed, but in fact the bed was here, as the store owner discovered, once they entered the display area to see if it was missing.  A woman and man here asked me to pay for the "pizza" since I had caused them some
concern.  I hand them my bank card to pay for the pizza.  I then leave here with something secret from the room that they don’t know I have taken.  I then dreamed of a high school reunion.  I am given a head dress to wear but I don’t know how to put it on.  Then I see I have primitive type braids in my hair as part of the head dress.  Then I see a woman practicing a high dive into a pool a few levels below where we stand.
- Like scenes from the legend and Hero throwing herself to the waves after Leander's death.
Hi - I ended up forgetting the whole experiment! I wasvery tired and fell asleep around 10:30-11:00PM andthen my husband woke me up at around 1:30AM to tell methat I had received an important email (that had apositive message). After that I had trouble fallingasleep, and tried to spin on an ongoing 'day dream'that I sometimes 'work on' to keep me entertaineduntil I fell asleep.

Here are a few dream fragments that I was able toretrieve now that I think back on my dreams from lastnight:

- A horse or animal. I am in its presence, and it isimportant to the situation.

- I am observing beige/golden sandals/leatherflip-flops from a perspective that is behind thesandals and quite low, so that I can see the heels ofthe person wearing them, and I can also see the labelimprinted inside the sandal as the person walks. Ithink I might be that person.

- Driving on a freeway. I sometimes have very vividfreeway dreams, and for some reason I think I had oneof those dreams.
- One of the legends about the tower is on Battal Gazi and his siege to Damascus before turning back for the maiden. Horses should take an important part in this event. Sandals were what they used to wear at the times of all the legends about the Tower. There is a freeway just close to the Tower.