Remote Viewing challenge

Remote Viewing is just what it says, namely remote viewing of objects, buildings, locations, or other situations. It originally is done while being awake.

The process can be amazingly simple. Decide you want to do it, concentrate on the task at hand, then watch your impressions. I tried it first during the Psiber Dreaming conference of 2003, and many people were surprised about the relatively good results.

Remote Viewing can also be done in a dream. For example, if the target provider is at the location while you're asleep, it can be interesting to try to remote view per dream.


The Remote Viewing challenge is held on the ASD Bulletin Board. Somewhere in the first week of the month (or a few days later), look for a discussion thread about the RV challenge.

One volunteer supplies a target. You will email him or her your results. Sketches and other pictures are much appreciated. Emailing will make your submission official, but the volunteer does not necessarily have to play jury. Then, after the submission date, the volunteer puts the picture online, and you submit your results to Discussion Board to be read by others.

If you're interested in joining the Remote Viewing challenge, visit the ASD Bulletin Board to let me know. I will add you to a mailinglist, to be used for announcements.

Just below you will see the recent challenges.

RV 8 - The Lost Hearing Aid

March 2005. Not the regular challenge. Gloria S. lost her hearing aid. A special Remote Viewing mission was mailed to the regular participants as well as to the Psi Angels. See the eight RV challenge.

RV 7 - A Royal Spot

February 2005. Tjitske Wijngaard provided the royal target and the website. Bjo Ashwill formed the one person jury. See the seventh RV challenge.

RV 6 - Praying Hands

December 2004. Sao provided the unique target and the website. Harry Bosma formed the one person jury. See the sixth RV challenge.

Groninger Museum

RV 5 - Groninger Museum

November 2004. Target provider Harry Bosma was the first to work with an independent jury consisting of Richard Wilkerson. Future challenges could have more people on the jury. See the fifth RV challenge.

RV 4 - The Cobb

August 2004. Target provider Olivia Strand made a huge impression, not in the least by the website she created. See the fourth RV challenge.

RV 3 - Indian Site

July 2004. As an experiment in sending, Curt Hoffman formed a small team with Goshengolly and Phil Graham. The target was an Indian site. The third RV challenge also introduced four different categories for scoring submitted viewings.

RV 2 - Leander's Tower

June 2004. Another strong sender, Ilkin Sungu found a target that matched the special occasion of the June 8th (2004) Venus eclipse. Like with the first RV, this target of the second RV challenge also had strong mythological themes.

RV 1 - Orpheus Ascending

May 2004. The first RV challenge started with an excellent target, provided by Laura Atkinson. Additionally Laura commented on all the submitted viewings, which showed that everyone picked up something, even though it wasn't always the target itself.

Looking for target providers

Here's what I need: distinctive locations! If you think you can help out here, and can email or upload photo's of distinctive locations, please let me know. Ideally it would be something from your own area.

Famous examples of distinctive locations are the Statue of Liberty, the Pentagon, Stonehenge, the Notre-Dame, the four presidents on mount Rushmore, the leaning tower of Pisa. For the RV challenge we want locations that are not that overly famous, but are just as distinctive.

Again, let me know if you can help here. But, please, please, please, do not tell me about your locations! I want to try the challenges too. You need to decide yourself if you have good locations. Give it some time to think about. At first you may doubt that there is anything special in your area, but I'm sure there is something somewhere.


The Remote Viewing challenge was inspired by the ASD Psiber Dreaming Conference of 2003. The first challenge started in May 2004. At that point there was already a group of potential target provider that had been waiting since December 2003, but the challenge had to wait until the PSI Angels had become more of a routine.

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