Dream Music

Occasionally I try to recreate the music I hear in my dreams. The impressive ones turn out to be hard to catch, but here are some of the more simple ones that I feel do resemble the original mood.

The songs in midi format where recorded with a SoundBlaster AWE32 from Creative Labs. Unfortunately, when I upgraded to a new soundcard, the songs suddenly didn't sound so good anymore. But it should give at least a rough idea.

A second start

December 11th, 1999. I lost the exact contents of the dream but not the song. It's about getting a second start. Not only was this dream shortly after I got a second prescription of my homeopathic doctor, it was also the point at which I strongly suspected that the treatment may turn out to be effective. So, I would get a second start in life afterall. It was a very happy dream: Second Start

Higher and higher

Dec 26th, 1999. This is from my disease related aggression dreams. At the point where this song plays I'm being attacked by a man and hit him with his head through a window. There's a distinct vocal line singing higher and higher. It's an surprisingly upbeat song considering the visual content of the dream.

Music studio

Dec 30th, 1999. After having been busy with recording dream songs, I got a dream where I found a song machine generating wonderful music. Later on in the dream I entered a music studio with a lot of musicians. I was a bit embarrassed to get such a large band at once while I had no idea what to do with so many of them.

Here's one of the melodies the song machine played. It reminds me of those happy Beach Boys songs so I titled it beach.

Running with the visitors

January 2nd, 2000. I dream about having guests but instead of sitting somewhere we keep running and running. One is running along with her baby with a perambulator. It's not fun.

The dream is commenting on a social event later that day, that turned out to be too busy for me. I've only heard the melody line repeat over. It sounds depressing. I added some backing to get a feel of the stress in the dream: Running with the visitors.


Somewhere in february, 2000. I had recorded the melody of this song with my keyboard, but have forgotten the dream. This is my first mp3 song. Internet Explorer (5 and higher) should play this without a problem. With Netscape you first have to download it to your computer, then hope you have the software that will play it. Here's Jingling

Tech talk

Here's some information for those who want to record their own dream songs. The music files at this pages are MIDI files, meaning that they contain music scores that are played by the synthesizer in your computer's soundcard. To "sequence" the music scores I rely on software called Cakewalk. I suggest you check out the cheap $20 Express edition (I still use a much older version myself). Also interesting is the $30 PowerTracks from PG Music Software. For Mac users I can suggest something called Cubasis from Steinberg, but don't ask me if and where they sell the light versions.

I also use a second hand personal keyboard, the kind of orchestra-in-a-box thing you hear at wedding parties. That means that to record a song I can simply play the keyboard instead of creating the song using the mouse and the qwerty keyboard. To connect your MIDI keyboard to your computer, please consult the MIDI FAQ.

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