the Dream Town

The More Lucid Dreams groups have their own dream town. Here are a few of my images.

Apartment (25-aug-2003)

It is late in the evening, I finally get home after a long day of satisfying work. This is a huge apartment, where I live during the time of this project. I love it.

The shorter part of the L shaped living room - still huge - has sofa's lined up against the wall, and a large window from side to side. I will close the left curtain.

The Library (14-nov-2003)

At the end of a longer dream I check out a new website I have created. It looks like I will have some debugging to do. An important picture only shows up for the left half. Then the problem seems to have solved itself. What I see suggests that I made a drawing of the dream town library, first dreamt by Ilkin.

Secured flat (18-dec-2003)

Leaving a railway station I enter a city. Right in front of me is a large building complex. I can't figure it out, but suspect it houses businesses, shops, and living spaces. When I get closer, I notice that the bottom floor is divided into two parts. Both look like they are huge passage allies, but the one on the right has a sloping driveway up.

(The dream continues with checking out one of the higher floors).

Pond full of life (19-dec-2003)

A large part of a town's square consists of a huge but shallow container with water, a pond. There are unbelievably many fishes in it, everywhere, and they are amazingly diverse and colored. It is crowded, but they seem to peacefully co-exist.

Not only are there many fishes, there are all kinds of other surprises in the water, like animated puppets performing a show.

Magic railway station (April 2004)

I had two long dreams - with one or two weeks between them - about a magic railway station. You can travel somewhere, stay there days or weeks, then more or less return back in time to when you left.

There have been casual reports of stations before. I painted the reverse clock to suggest the time warping. It appeared that Diana actually dreams of such clocks.

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