the More Lucid Dreams project

New group starting February 5th, 2005

Would you like to have lucid dreams? Or perhaps you have had a few lucid dreams, but want more?

If you're still here, then you may be interested in joining a More Lucid Dreams group. So far I've hosted three groups, and I liked it so much that I want to host a fourth group.

The group meets on a secured discussion board. The first week will lay a foundation. The next three weeks will introduce special themes to add some more excitement to the process.

I will ask everyone to post as many dreams as possible, especially those dreams that are lucid or prelucid. The first group was really exciting with over 20 members, but typically it will be closer to 10 members.

Not only will you get more lucid dreams, the project is designed to be fun, perhaps even a bit magical.

Details fourth group

The group will push the edge a little more then the first two groups. The Dream Town theme remains, but I have two new themes which I want to keep a surprise.

Here's what it will cost to participate.

1. A financial fee of $35, or if that's a problem, volunteer work, especially if you come up with a good idea yourself.
2. As always, one incubated dream before the start of the group. Details follow after your payment.

Fourth MLD group

The preferred type of payment is through PayPal (click the button). If don't have a PayPal account, but do have a creditcard, you may want to give PayPal a try. Alternatively, sending cash will work for me too. Let me know when you do so, and remember to wrap the money in some paper to prevent it from shining through the envelope.

If you want more information, email me at and make a mention to the third MLD group in the subject. (I get over 10,000 spam emails a day).

After your payment you will receive an automatic email with a link to the page explaining the incubation request. After you submitted an incubated dream, I'll send you an email thanking you. You will receive a password for the discussion forum shortly before the start.

History of the MLD project

The first two MLD groups ran for five weeks. They started at July 26th 2003, and at September 15th 2003.

The third group ran for four weeks, and started at July 31st 2004.

While promoting the second group on an online forum, members from the first group added their endorsements . I wrote a report about the first group. Warning, while the group was a lot of fun, you may find the report a bit dull.

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The Netherlands

The Dream Town

The last week of the More Lucid Dream groups featured dreaming up a Dream Town. The dreamers were asked to simply dream of a dream town, and let their dreams work out the details.

The Dream Town appears to have much in common with a regular city, but only at first sight. At some point the question was raised whether there was any type of political authority in the city. The simple answer is that we've never seen any sign of that. And why should there be, it is our city, so we decide what happens with it.

There seems to be very little traffic, if any at all. That makes sense in a dream town. We can simply teleport to any place we like. However, there may be a railway station in the Dream Town. There's also a strong sense that there might be an airport as well. These major transport centers could suggest that the Dream Town is connected with other dream towns.

At times we think it would be nice to have such and such place in the city. However, that is not how it works. In the end, the only way places can be said to exist in the Dream Town, is when somebody dreams it up.

Here are some pictures of Dream Town places I've been. While some places have been visited by several people, we haven't yet managed to meet each other in a Meeting Dream.

Visit the Dream Town

You're welcome to visit our Dream Town. If you think you may have dreamt about the Dream Town, please let us know. Drop me an email at, and refer to the Dream Town in the subject line.

A group of MLD dreamers has been dreaming together in a special Dream Town group since February 2004. The group is open to new members, but, you need to dream yourself into the Dream Town. Remember, the town is fairly large. The pictures I showed you are just a few of the locations in the Dream Town. Also, unlike the physical world, the Dream Town is not set in stone.

The Dream Town group consists of people with very diverse backgrounds. If you like adventures like these, then you will fit in perfectly.

When you go to bed tonight, think of you meeting us in the Dream Town. You are more than welcome.We are waiting for you with great anticipation and excitement.

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