My previous site had four pages with dream links. Here are a few links to sites I've been visiting lately. I'll move the other links over later.

My favorite place is the discussion board of the ASD (Association for the Study of Dreams). The location is a bit volatile, so going in through the main entrance is probably best.

For more dream related websites than you ever imagined possible, browse through the ASD member pages.

Not yet subscribed? Go to Electric Dreams, and get a copy every month for free. ED is edited by Richard Wilkerson, who also happens to be the web wizard of the ASD website. Check out his private retreat Dreamgate.

Dreams of Peace is a portal to several group dreaming websites.

The Word Dreams Peace Bridge is the homepage for the World Dreams discussion group. The website is actively maintained by Liz Diaz. The World Dreams group has been an initiative by Jean Campbell, a pioneer in group dreaming.

Way of the Dreamer is the website of Robert Moss, who like very few others seems determined to spread the news on the magic of dreaming.

Laura Atkinson's Art That Glows. She does many interesting things with dreams and art. See the art I made while testing a course.

Pasquale's Lucid Dreaming 4 All, a major dream community from my own country the Netherlands.

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