Laura's Art Class

During 16 days in October / November 2003 I was one of the lucky ones who got to beta test Laura Atkinson's 30/30 dream art class. One of the many things I got from it is that just playing with colors can be a lot of fun. Here are a few of the images I created. Thanks Laura!

One Color

One Color

I receive a nicely formatted email from Ilkin. At the bottom she lists three emblems next to each other. All emblems are the same, but the texts below them are different. The emblems are for prices won during the Psiber Dreaming Conference, and Ilkin has won prices in all categories.

(The exercise was to pick one outstanding color from a dream, and just scribble something)

Many Colors

Many Colors

I find myself in a dream with many colors. The sky is a light and bright violet, with stripes of bright blues.

At the horizon I see several buildings and other objects that also have strong colors.

When I walk and fly along, I see many other colors. Some unusual, as before. I also see a primary red color, and a primary blue color.

Mam's Hand

Mam's Hand

I'm walking through our backyard. It has snowed, and the water is frozen.

My mother has to be around here too, but I can't see or find her. I'm opening the back door to get back into the house. I take one last look. I see a hand sticking up from the lower terrace at the water. I hurry over.

She seems to be frozen. I carry her inside, call for help.

(Click on the picture for a larger view)

Materialized Goat

Goat On Chair

I wake up in my own bed, find a small goat standing next to my bed on top of a chair. I'm thinking I somehow brought it back from the dream, but why, from where? Then I remember I had a dream where I visited friends (who live in the same street close by), and that they had a goat in the back of the house, or the backyard. I'm not sure whether that really was a dream, because something doesn't add up, but I can't figure it out (close to becoming lucid here).

I pet the animal, wondering how my father (I live with my parents) will respond when he hears I suddenly materialed a goat from my dream. Then I realize that the goat will grow up, then what? What am I going to do with a goat?

Duo Flight

Duo Flight

I'm flying with a woman I used to know. It is nice to be flying with somebody. I'm happy, and make a roll to the right, bringing me back to back with her.

I'm now on her right. I get a feeling she is going to do something too. I'm delighted to have somebody who can do such tricks too. She makes a roll bringing us face to face. She seems excited about this too. It is as if she just discovered she can do this.

(This took more than 30 minutes, but I've always wanted to try a claymation.)

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