Psychics Meetup in New England

Psychics Meetup

I've started the New England Psychics Meetup Group at the website.

Actually, it's in Rhode Island, but that's such a small state that people from Massachusetts and Connecticut can easily attend as well.

Healing Dreams

I recently finished my healing dream mandala, part of the Healing Dreams section. See Dreams and Mandalas and scroll down to the animation.

Dreamers United

Not really on Alquinte, but nonetheless something I'd like to mention: I started Dreamers United, a multilingual blog that tries to bring dreamers in different countries together, and hopefully promotes dreaming in the process.

Remote Viewing challenge

A monthly Remove Viewing challenge is something I've been wanting to do for a long time. The first monthly challenge started May 2004.

Psi Angels

You may have heard of Charlie's Angels. For all your special information needs there are now the Psi Angels. For now, the Psi Angels accept only one mission a month.

There's more information about the Psi Angels, both for potential clients and for those wanting to join the team. And... check out the reports. There is a new one about every month!

Importance Of Dreams survey

Long long ago, in 2000, I did a survey on the Importance Of Dreams. Here are at last the results of the survey.

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