Other Impressive Dreams

Estimated importance

While precognitive dreams clearly are the number one type of dreams influential in becoming a dreamer, there are other types of impressive dreams.

I expect that the other impressive dreams that will be discussed below are more common than it may look (see the introduction about underestimation). However, more so than with precognitive dreams the other types of impressive dreams may be highly personal, not to say sacred. If there is one type of dreams people tend to keep to themselves, this is it.

Big Dreams

Here are a few examples of impressive dreams. They all share a deeply spiritual or even religious feeling. As Camille points out these dreams are also known as Big Dreams. I have nothing to add to the quotes.
The real turning point in my interest in dreaming, though, was a "Big Dream" regarding heaven / afterlife / God which had an enormous impact on me.
My recollection of dreams from childhood is very lacking, I only have one experience that I will never forget. It was a very positive experience. It was a vision that came during the night and I was awake. I was my room lit up in a beautiful blue glow. Jesus was standing in my room he had a lamb in his arms and a small stool beside him. He told me he was here to protect me. The feeling I had from this was one of open hearted love that I had never felt before. I was eight at the time.
Valley Reed
During childhood I had a couple very vivid dreams which each repeated over the course of a year... the first roughly during my 3rd year and the second during my fourth. I also had visions which were so vivid that I remain uncertain whether they actually happened or whether I dreamed them. These were all spiritual in nature.
Martha DiChristi
When i was in my early teens I started having incredible experiences in my sleep a sort of waking sleep I would have a sort of conversation with another being. It was always good and restful. That was when I started paying attention to my dreams. The bible had a big part in my beliefs in dreams.

Dreams as a place of restoration

Just above Karaleen already mentioned that dreams can be very comforting. For those unfamiliar with this experience, check the description of Hampton. This type of dream is also very compelling.
I had a dream "mother" who emotionally nurtured me.
Karl Boyken
Coming from a co-dependant / alcoholic family, I felt helpless much of the time. I would dream that I was strong and that I could conquer any obstacle, change any situation that I wanted to just with my will.
Sometimes I dreamt of beautiful places (mostly in nature) where I felt perfect harmony. I used to return to those places in my fantasy at day.
Mai, 20, Germany
I was always going to the same place I could never get there on my own, someone would always take me. It was a cabin built on a lake I could jump out of any window or door into the water. I always felt so at peace. I know it sounds silly but the cabin was filled with kittens that I would play with. It got to the point that I would be in the middle of a dream that had nothing to do with the cabin but midpoint I would remember it and ask someone inside the dream to take me there. They always knew where it was and would take me. I just could never get there on my own free will. Thats when I started to want to sleep all the time because it was so much nicer there.
I suffered from depressions in my teens and I lived a life pretty isolated from others - and one dream particular helped me to gain some strength.

Lucid dreams

Some respondents have had impressive lucid dreams since early childhood. There are more respondents with lucid dream experiences, but the usual pattern is that lucid dreams appear only when the interest in dreams has been established. Jade Aurora, Sharri Lorrainne and Vicky seem to have started out as lucid dreamers.
In childhood, i was a powerful lucid dreamer, able to linger between planes for a LONG time.
Jade Aurora
I've *always* been a VIVID Dreamer, many times Lucid & able to fly in my Dreamzzz since childhood.
Sharri Lorraine
During childhood, my dreams always seemed more real than consensus reality. I day-dreamed a lot and often had lucid dreams. I was in the habit of bringing information and "stories" revealed to me in my dreams into my waking life.

Other experiences

Two other dream experiences are worth mentioning here as well. To Lauri Jean Crowe dreams were an important companion whenever she was ill as a child. KJ related an amazing OBE like experience that got him hooked on dreaming.
I began a dream journal when I was in my early teens, it was incorporated into my daily journal that I began keeping when my thyroid disorder was discovered and treated. I began to pay more serious attention to my dreams when I realized they were a perceptive portal into my somatic functions, as well as vivid adventures that entertained me as much as books. My childhood was lonely because I was often ill, therefore the creatures of book and dream and nightmare became imaginary "friends" of a sort.
Lauri Jean Crowe
About two years ago my grandmother was telling me about surgery I had fourteen years ago and about the guy I had brought out from under a deep coma in about a minute. He and I met in another alternate plane and he told me he didn't know how to get back, and after a couple of days, that's when I woke him up. After I heard that story, I started to remember what happen and even more amazing is that I remember the man's face and name. So ever since then, I have been reading about dreams, lucid dreams, OBE, and NDE'S.


After precognitive dreams, a second reason to develop an interest in dreams consists of a variety of impressive dreams. The most important types are Big Dreams and dreams as places of restoration. Three respondents have been lucid dreamers since early childhood.

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