Captivated By Dreams

Sometimes respondents are simply just fascinated by dreams. This fascination can coincide with an interest in storytelling or poetry, or with a more general interest in the paranormal. Even when there are such other factors involved, the fascination for dreams seems to be the primary force for the interest in dreams.

Just fascinated

The most straightforward examples of a fascination for dreams:
I recall very early, maybe 5 or 6, that I had forgotten one of my dreams that I used to tell myself and was upset by this loss. I re-doubled my efforts to re-tell myself the dreams more often.
I've always paid attention to my dreams. They've always been a very large part of my life -- I was just born that way. I first started writing them down in my teens. I had no expectations--it just felt good to put them on paper and go back and read them again later.
Karl Boyken
the moment i noticed dreams as an experience. experience generally really intrigues me, and so does action (as in moving around in order to manipulate self and environment) - which seems to take a bit of a twist in dreams.
Ik heb altijd van mijn dromen gehouden en was vanaf het begin gefascineerd door die wereld van beelden en gevoelens en sferen. Vanaf mijn 17 ongeveer ben ik mijn dromen steeds structureler gaan opschrijven - misschien omdat dat een nogal roerige periode was en mijn dromen me ook een vorm van afleiding, een vluchtmogelijkheid gaven. [..] Ik hield gewoon van dromen zoals ik van sprookjes en mythen hield, om de indirecte, tot de verbeelding sprekende taal, het ongrijpbare, speelse en magische van de symbolen (zo ervoer ik het tenminste).
Berthe Bogers
interested in how or why certain information is processed, why some of my dreams have the animals or items they do, what certain symbols mean and can i learn more about myself by paying attention to them.
Because of the fact that I dreamed a lot, and that some dreams had a lot of impact on me I start to think about it. Why do I dream about a stupid or irrelevant item? How do I come up with it. Through these kind of questions I got really interested in explaining dreams symbols and think about dreaming in a different way.
I pay attention to my dreams because I cannot forget them. It is almost like I experienced my dream while awake in real life not in a dream. I do not have to write them down because I can remember them.
It may take a while for the message to get across but in time things I didn't even realize were bothering me and long forgotten get rehashed and over time resolved.I still look forward to going to sleep every night although I don't feel they play that big of a role in my life. I just feel like I'm lucky to have so many dreams and can remember them. I feel kind of sorry for people who don't. They don't know what they are missing out on.
Leaning towards precognition:
I had always paid attention to my dreams, I would especially pay attention to the dreams that had warnings.
Advanced dreamers:
I am aware that all is mental and that dreams are just as real as the earth i am standing on in my sensual conscious.
I intentionally devote energy and attention to the earth, sun, solar system, and man; not unlike what the Australian aboriginies do in dream time.
I've always written my dreams down since i was quite young, and only now have i realized that i was a lucid dreamer, an astral projector, an empath, but i've never had any forced expectations...
Jade Aurora
I now know the difference between an ordinary psychological exercise-type dream, a lucid dream and a prophetic dream.
I've had clear messages like "eat more rice and grains" (seems mundane but it has helped me). I listen - if spirit is tell me something - I pay attention.
I journaled some of the dreams that I couldn't get from my mind, and spoke about them with my friends. I was actually able to interpret some of them through this method.
First I paid attention to dreams that contained a very obvious message. I didn't even have to think about them. Remembering them I knew at once that they reflected, for example, a topic that was concerning me at that time.
Experiences like these made me curious to analyze also the dreams that were less obvious. I spent my daily bus-journeys thinking about my dreams.
Mai, 20, Germany
I found that some dreams kept repeating themselves until the dream came true or I did something about what I was dreaming.

Creative inspiration

Dreams are appreciated for their creative potential. The Creativity chapter in Part IV is dedicated to this topic. This chapter quotes 11 respondents to whom the creative potential of dreams was a motivation to pay more interest to dreams. To most of them it was also the first motivation.

To give an idea of the kind of creative inspiration provided by dreams, here are three examples of respondents quoted in the Creativity chapter:

As a writer, dream-recording became a logical extension of the first-thing-in-the-morning-writing-exercise.
Nicole J. LeBoeuf-Little
At about age 28 my study of ancient poetry led to keeping a dream journal.
I did problem solving in College with math assignments.

The paranormal

About nine respondents explicitly first mentioned an interest in the occult, usually specified as an interest in OOB.

At an early age of about 10 years old (I am now 49) I did become interested in the occult and astral projection. This passion lasted for many years and I read everything I could lay my hands on about astral projection.
Well i think i have always had an interest in the paranormal, the unexplained.
I used to experience multiple awaking, sleep paralysis and what I then thought to be OBE since I was about seven or eight years old. They did not have a clue about what I was experiencing. The community didn't either and I had to search for my own answers. [..] Books on OBE and Lucid Dreaming and the Carlos Castaneda's series set me into a more serious experimentation with dreaming. Also I have had definite precognitive experiences and corroboration of events in unfamiliar places / times which I have later found to be true. I've heard songs which I've remembered but mostly forgotten, tried playing music in dreaming and made contact with other persons over distance and time.
Charles Nazareth
My interest was aroused after I left the main christian scene and became interested in OOBE's and anything beyond physical boundaries.
I was just always the weird one, interested in occult, ghosts, paranormal, and I guess dreams, fall in to that category even though it is something everyone does. I just felt that they were important and so i wrote down any i could remember for years.
I came across Robert Monroe's Journey's Out of Body. It was fascinating but didn't tell me how. I did find out that keeping a dream journal and programming that I would remember and write down my dreams every morning would increase my dream recall.
During my time in school and University studying Biology I became very intrigued by the various phenomena generally labeled 'the paranormal' and by their implications on the nature of reality. In line with this interest I couldn't help but notice the almost constant synchronicity between faces and events and themes in my dreams that then later occurred in my waking life - clear evidence to my mind of precognition. I started to follow my dreams in a casual way simply to reinforce my taste for the 'unknown'.
Simon M.
The aspects that Castaneda showed about consciousness intrigued me. So I began working seriously with every day for a year or so - then I began traveling in 'reality' and it became harder to maintain focus. And here a few years later I am continuously returning to the subject of dreaming.
In 1988 I ended a serious 25-year love affair gone sour with numerous drugs -- among them many of the psychedelic variety. After a couple of years passed and my head became clearer I realized that I always was a mystical, occult kind of a guy, I'd just been pursuing those interests via chemicals and that had proved to be the wrong path.


The third reason for becoming interested in dreams is because people are simply interested in dreams. That isn't much of a reason, so that's why it is mentioned last among the dream originated reasons.

What becomes more clear, is that there can be a connection with an interest in creativity and / or the paranormal.

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