104 - Adonis

31-8-00 21:53:07 -0000


I had vivid dreams! I had dreams of trying to move my body but I could not. I wanted to wake up but I could not! My mother had a lot of dreams and she did her own interpretations aloud while my dad and I were listening.

Larger community considered dreams as predictions of the energy levels (emotions) someone will experience in the future.

Turning point

I did problem solving in College with math assignments.

I did try to dream of my girlfriends while in my teens.

I expected my dreams to reveal future events.

I have had dreams while I was completely awake! Moving backwards and forwards in my dream.

I had out of body experiences.


I believe my dreams are a showplace of the desires of my ego state! But also, in my dreams I can pick up warnings about my immediate future! My dreams are colorful experiences of my motivations of my energy levels and of my perceptions. They help me perceive my inner most self and get closer to it. They help me with my personal learning about my self in this journey of life.


Dreams are an integrated part of my life! I expect to evolve to a higher spiritual level using my dreams and OBE's as the vehicle to explore the intangible world of consciousness.

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