103 - Crysaxed

31-8-00 15:59:21 -0000


In my childhood, I had a lot of "bad dreams" or nightmares. I can't remember ever having a good dream, it was a nightmare or no dream at all. My parents treated dreams like they were make believe. When I would wake up in the night with a bad dream, they would say it's only a dream, it's not real. I remember our neighbor use to always talk about her dreams and ask what my Mother thought they meant, my Mother would give some hypothetical reason for the dream. I could tell that she really didn't believe what she was saying to her friend.

Turning point

Since I was little I knew there was more to a dream then most people would recognize. I also experience a lot of deja vue. I once had deja vue for nearly an hour. I knew exactly what the people I was with were going to say before they said it, what they were going to do, and their motive to saying, doing things before they said or did it. I have done a lot of sketching, but my picture doesn't seem to look right. I am starting a dream journal.


I think dreams are all of the above. I dream about my late relatives or other spirits, they are able to communicate with me. I dream about things that sometimes don't make sense to me in waking, but they were fun to dream. I believe that the majority of dreams are a learning experience for us. I also believe that dreams are a way to see into the future and the past.


I have just recently started to take a serious interest in how my dreams affect my everyday waking life.

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