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Many and variegated. I have always dreamt in color, something I'm told is very rare. My childhood dreams were in a word mystical, always strange, haunting scenarios and entities. Please note I'm NOT talking nightmares here. I've had perhaps 1/2 dozen of them in my entire lifetime. I grew up in the provincial, mainstream Judeo-Christian Midwest (Chicago, Ill). The attitude of my family and the community was one: dreams just happen. Who knows why? Who cares?

Turning point

In 1988 I ended a serious 25-year love affair gone sour with numerous drugs -- among them many of the psychedelic variety. After a couple of years passed and my head became clearer I realized that I always was a mystical, occult kind of a guy, I'd just been pursuing those interests via chemicals and that had proved to be the wrong path. Then one day I read an article about a guy named Steve LaBerge and something he dubbed "lucid dreaming". I was hooked on lucid dreaming instantly and have been practicing it ever since. My second lucid dream, in which I was TOTALLY aware that I was dreaming from the dream's onset, took me to a workshop where people were working with multicolored crystals. I met some demi-god-like beings, among them a girl who had blue skin and a beautiful smile. I told her that she looked like Krishna. I was "high" (not in the old way) for 2-3 days after waking up from this dream.

Are dreams beneficial for the reasons you mentioned? Yes, I believe they are. In the dreamworld, and especially when you become lucid, the normal rules and constraints of the "waking world" don't apply. You simply aren't afraid to try things and there's no little Inner Twerp telling you that "You'd better not attempt THAT. You'll only make a fool out of yourself . . . garble, garble, dribble, dribble ad nauseum . . .".


Really, all of these things! Thing is, what do you wanna do?


Definition same -- alternate dimension. This is the "testing ground" for washing our dreams ashore in the waking world. When you think of it, the person who has no dreams, i.e., desires, wishes, fulfilling goals, is a sad person, indeed and in need of compassion. Remember what the late, great Sammy Davis said? (I'm paraphrasing him.)
"It's these dreams I have in life that keeps me alive."


Love God, love all living entities, including even the tiny microbes, for all are your brothers and sisters under the loving care of one Divine Being, and be happy.

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