100 - RAA, The Solar Monk

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I always knew that my dreams were a "possible" reality. When I was young, dreamed of thing within my own future but not the part that I focused on. When I saw a pattern in my dream (floor patterns mostly because I tend to walk facing down) and later in life we would move into the a place with the same pattern. My family never talked about dreams at all, but me and my siblings shared dreams.

Turning point

I used to sit back and wait out some of the thing that I dreamt as a child. The one thing that I have learned is that dreams are not always true to physical reality. I have attempted and still attempt to do all of the above. I have been able to spiritually shape shift and travel into others minds. Since I have always known about the astral existence I tend to abide by the laws of both realities. Some time I become confused with what can be done in this world and what can be done in the astral. When I write poetry, my subconscience is talking. When I dance my subconscience is moving. When I draw my subconscience is showing me what it sees.


I believe dreams are a place to practice for the physical. All existence is but a dream. When we sleep our physical dream end and our light body dreams begins. Do we not change when we experience an intense dream? When you are not aware that you are dreaming you are like a ghost or apart of a play. When you are aware that you are dreaming you are an observer or explorer as you put it.


I have seen scenarios of my future beyond this body. I know that there is a God. Now I know to stay an observer in my dreams because I am an explorer. The things that we input into our brain directly effects the realm that our mind travels. If you are consumed with violence you will travel to the realm of violence. That is the warning of all the religions. Obsession of anything affect the realm that you explore. when your mind is clear then the subconscience chooses for you.

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