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I recalled many dreams and no one could address them well. My family listened to dreams at meals but more from an amusement angle. Where I grew up- in a latin american country of Catholic predominance, dreams are often thought to be predictive or communications from others - live or dead including possible messages from our Guardian angels or from God.

Turning point

A spiritual quest brought me to study dreams more seriously. I felt that understanding my dreams would help me understand myself and others better. I kept a daily journal for many years which included dreams and some of the interpretations or dreamwork with them. I also had some drawings from time to time which captured the essence or scene better than words. I became involved with organizations having an interest in dreams such as the Association for the Study of Dreams and became involved with the Ezine Electric Dreams for several years.


I see dreams as simple and as complex as or waking reality and then some as limitations of our material reality don't have to bind us in dreams. I have seen value in all the approaches and all kinds of variety of dreams. I have come to the conclusion that there is some physiological benefit to the dreaming process that takes place anyway even if we do not remember them from our sleep. Remembered dreams offer us the opportunity to expand our horizons, sharing them even more so stimulates growth and a feeling of community. I have found that even making up dream scenarios or a situation from your daily life as a "dream" to be interpreted or examined can be as useful as working with spontaneous dreams.


The significance of dreams in my life has varied over the years. My recall has tended to diminish as my waking life has become more hectic. I feel that when I really need the "help", the communication will arrive. I look forward to dreams and sharing dreams. I still believe that there is a link between our multi faceted personalities and realms beyond recognized reality which is touched through dreams. Some day the mechanism and importance will become much better known and will help lead to a better understanding of our place in the universe and the meaning of our lives.

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