085 - Kardm

28-8-00 16:44:48 -0000


I found that I could control my dreams. I could change things, people, places, or wake up by blinking my eyes in my dreams.

Little family discussion on dreams

Turning point

I found that some dreams kept repeating themselves until the dream came true or I did something about what I was dreaming. For example; I had a reoccurring dream of being on an air mattress on a lake. The wind would cause the air mattress to fly and I found myself flying. I later became a pilot and the dream ceased. Another; I found myself back at school knowing that I was late for class but could not remember which class or what subject. I later finished my college degree and the dream ceased. Another; I would dream about being in a room of a house or building. Years later I would find myself in that exact room that I had dreamed about.


Some are harmless. Some are prophetic. Probably I would consider it neurological phenomenon.


I have continued to pay attention to dreams. However, now I hear conversations of people that I don't know, discussing issues I am unfamiliar with. Like being at a party and passing through the room listening to various conversations.

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