094 - Dreamer

28-8-00 16:38:17 -0000


My family talked about dreams a lot. It was more for fun than anything else, but we took them seriously enough. We just didn't know what to do with them.

Turning point

I had a lot of 'deja vu' dreams where specific actions that I dreamed about would happen in real life. This told me that there was more to dreams than met the eye. Also, my dreams were colorful, vivid and interesting - kind of hard to ignore! I started reading books on the subject as I got older and it interested me. I've been recording my dreams off and on for years, but still haven't really used them in a practical way. I'm hoping to start with this software as a tool.


Problem solver and thought sorter. Also, I'm sure there is cosmic information to be had if we know how to interpret it.


Like I said above. I plan to start using them as a means to solve problems and to get to know myself better.

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