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I do remember having dreams as a child and have had nightmares too. My family did not utilize dreams as a path to self discovery.

Turning point

It was not until my adulthood when I began psychotherapy did I realize the value of dreams as the road to the unconscious. Fortunately, I had a great therapist who was excellent at dream analysis. Dr. Delany's books and methods of analysis probably were the most helpful in working with my own dreams.


I believe both Freud's and Jung's views have validity, although I cling mostly to the Jungian view. I also believe that dreams are the voice of the soul and provide a connection to the Divine.


I am continuing to use my dreaming as a tool to understand my unconscious desires and wishes.


I am experimenting with voice recognition software to record dreams during the night and have them automatically transcribed the next day. I am using Dragon Naturally Mobile but haven't yet began. If you know of any better programs, or have some tips that would be helpful re: voice recognition software and hardware, please let me know.

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