092 - Karen

28-8-00 14:06:33 -0000


During childhood I used to tell my mother my dreams in the morning. Eventually though, she discouraged me. She thought my dreams were too "weird" and they made her uncomfortable.

Turning point

My first motivation to pay more attention to dreams came when I read 'Creative Dreaming' by Paticia Garfield (when I was about 14). I tried a dream incubation for visiting my grandfather, who had passed over. I was successful on my very first try, and very thrilled to see "Pop" again.


I always felt that the dream world was a separate reality, no less "real" than the waking world. At about the same age as when I read "Creative Dreaming" (14) I also read Carlos Castaneda's books. I became convinced not to dismiss the existence of other realities.


I now believe that dreams have many layers of meaning and consequently there are many ways which we benefit from them. The most important to me is the spiritual level. I believe that when we are in a sleep state we are open in our hearts and minds, and therefore more approachable to our guardian spirits, with an enhanced ability to understand concepts that are beyond us in waking life. I think we are able to receive communication from God, Spirit, or whoever / whatever word is meaningful to you, while in the dream realm.

I started a dream sharing group in my community that has been going for about 7 years.

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