091 - Richard

28-8-00 12:38:00 -0000


I can not remember to have had any childhood dreams!

Turning point

In the year 1996 I had my "first" dream.
A couple of months later my life came tumbling down and I know now that that first dream was a sort of way to help me to get over that. I've been dreaming ever since and have a book for every year.


It was very difficult to work with my dreams, in the first 2 years i've read all the books i could find but that did not do me much good, i guess i was to upset to work with them anyway but even at the worst of times i kept writing them down. Just because i know that the are from my inside whatever they mean.


It is pretty much the same, sometimes i try to find out if there is something that i can use in my daily life but most of times i just write them down.


If there are any results i would like to have a little note.

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