089 - Mirjana

27-8-00 19:01:13 -0000


I still remember some of my childhood dreams. Always in colour and always leaving me with the notion that i could do something with it. Even then i was fascinated by dreams. I could always talk about it at home. And sometimes we shared dreams at the diner table. It was excepted by every one i knew that people had dreams.
I always wondered why i had dreams.
I wrote a diary and when a dream puzzled me i wrote it down. By the time i was 20 it became a dream journal.

Turning point

Round the time i was 20 i started working at myself and at the same time my dreams became more intensive. I went to the library and got me some books about explaining dreams. And started to explain my dreams. I wanted to learn more about myself through dreaming.

As i said i always felt that dreams were important. The more i read about it the more involved i got in dreaming. So much that i went to bed early so that i would dream more. In the day time i tried to explain... That was a bit too much and now i think 'if it is really important i'll remember'

I write my dreams down in a journal and i draw little pictures about things i see in my dreams that are hard to explain.
I also joined a dream workgroup where we try to figure out what our dreams mean.


A bit of everything... The larger part is that i try to learn things about myself. To help me grow spiritually.


The benefit are that dreams show me other ways to solve things. My dreams let me know if the thing i wanted to learn is finding its place. It helps me change.
Sometimes it shows me things out of my earlier lives or gives me advice about the directions i could take.
My definition hasn't changed but expended. There are so much things you can do with dreams!
The thing that did change is that i try to lift my explanation to a higher level.
Dreams have a large place in my live, but i'm not busy with them all day. Only when i feel a dream is trying to tell me something important i take the time to find out what.

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