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While a child I had repetitive dreams, also I dreamed about a boy who the next day started school with us. This frightened me and I told no one. I felt no one would believe me. I had another dream yrs later when I was 18 I told my husband I dreamt Hank Williams had died. He did later on. When I was young a lady next door was from Bohemia and very superstitious. She had a dream book and we would look at it all the time to try and figure out our dreams.

Turning point

A lot of my dreams are very intense I wake up and feel like I have been somewhere else. I also dream in color and it seems to be very important. I know they have meaning and some are related to frustration especially the repetitive ones, like finding money on the ground, trying to pick it up but not being able to hold it all, another using the phone and not being able to connect. Then there is a house I dream about I have never been in except in my dreams.


It is difficult to say I don't really know what I think. I know they happen and what controls them is unknown to me.


Dreams have been a part of my entire life as I have gotten older and know more by reading books and know that I am not crazy or weird. I feel more comfortable with this. I also feel I receive thought waves but have no control over it.


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