082 - Ronda

24-8-00 21:19:41 -0000


I had very vivid dreams, which to this day being 23 years old and having the dream when I was 10 years old.

My family's attitudes were normal I guess. If I had a bad dream they would do everything to comfort me.

The community really played no role in my dreams, it was never really discussed.

Turning point

I pay attention to my dreams because I cannot forget them. It is almost like I experienced my dream while awake in real life not in a dream. I do not have to write them down because I can remember them.


I think that my dreams steam from some of my fears and my life. I think my unconcious mind comes up with weird things.


It has not really become a regular part of my life, I just tell people what I dream and usually do not have that dream anymore. I do not benefit from my dreams and they do not take me places.

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