080 - Pietje

24-8-00 14:27:23 -0000


I have always dreamed a lot. A lot of my dreams had a great impact on me.
I can not remember discussing any of my dreams with my family. But they know that I dream a lot, (or remember them well) and they know that my dreams are important to me now.

I grew up in a safe environment. I can say that I was not a very happy child, but that is not becaus of my partens or other relative.

Turning point

Because of the fact that I dreamed a lot, and that some dreams had a lot of impact on me I start to think about it. Why do I dream about a stupid or irrelevant item? How do I come up with it. Through these kind of questions I got realy interested in explaining dreams symbols and think about dreaming in a different way.
Because, from my childhood on, I believed that dreams have something to say. Maybe not every dream has always as much meaning as the other one.

Then I trained myself in remembering my dreams. Some of those dreams told me so much about myself, that I can remember these ones still now.
Nowadays I have a type of dream that I dream often. It is a dream that tells me how I am standing in life at the moment. Is it hectic, stressfull, or just quite. These kind of dreams just make a confirmation on how I feel.

I always try to find the explanation of the symbols in my dream. That is mostly enough.
Now I come to a fase, that this is not enough. Sometimes the symbols are difficult to explain. Then the context of the dream has to be explained.
I am trying to get more knowledge on this matter, to explain my dreams in another way.


A lot of my dreams is based on processing. Processing what I have been through the day, or a happening that is or was important in my life.

It tells me how I'm doing at the moment. I also have a lot of nightmares. Bad dreams with a lot of chaos.
Sometimes I wake up just tired of dreaming. My night has then be filled with adventures in my dream. I often dream about shooting, escape etc. So, my dreams are heavy. No harmless entertainment.


Dreams have become more important to me. In my social environment I am the only one who is so interested in dreams.
As you can read above, I have a lot of benefits of my dreams, and I'm willing to learn more about it.
When I have more knowledge of dreams, besides explaining the symbols, I'm sure that dreams will be even more important to me.
At this moment I am very open for any kind of information and visions about dream, because I am sure that dreams are important.

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