079 - Ashley

24-8-00 12:54:02 -0000


Dreams were always an escape. It was like the fantasy world you were in during the day sortof came with you at night but more real and colorful than when you were awake. Unfortunately I found that to be true for the horror stories I liked to read. My mom was and still is a huge believer that your dreams are the key to understanding what is going on in you "secret place." That you may think that you have successfully hidden in your awake mind troubles, stresses and worries, but they always caom back in your dreams. I don't think that I was too aware of what the community around me thought of dreams. I do know that my childhood friends, the closest ones, always thought dreams had more meaning than what was on the surface.

Turning point

I have always been interested in what my mind is trying to tell me. And I still have the superstitious belief that certain things in dreams can predict the future. Whether I believe completely as I did when I was younger is doubtful, but it still gets me thinking nonetheless. I never really thought about writing my dreams down, although I should. it would be interesting to see if I could find a pattern in them to help me through struggles in life. I definitely think that if you fall to sleep focusing on a problem, some how that path is a lot clearer 8 hours later when you awake.


Dreams for me are like how the eyes are to others. They are a window to your soul. the advantage to that is self exploration and not someone thinking they know you just because you show emotion. I use them as a problem solving tool and as a predictor that I either need to slow down because stress is messing with my inner peace or I need to call that particular person because they have benn on my mind a lot lately. The connection for me is to myself.


I think I still feel the same way about dreams that I always had. My perspective may change with time but for now it still is a tool for me to understand a little more about me than before. I look forward to the escape when life is going well for me and I respect them and what they have to say when life isn't so good. I find that I enjoy my dreams much more when I don't try to force a pattern or behavior to them. I just like to watch, see, feel, whatever.

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