077 - Shack

23-8-00 14:59:35 -0000


i don't have a memory of telling my dreams to anyone

Turning point

interested in how or why certain information is processed, why some of my dreams have the animals or items they do, what certain symbols mean and can i learn more about myself by paying attention to them


i am in the initial stage of thinking about dreams, they could be any or none of the above - until i understand more about my dreams and try to relate them to an experience or change a future action because of them i don't know how i define them


it seems that dreams are the processing of events past and current - i have a mild interest, they trigger a curiosity about the basis and or meaning when they occur which may be once or twice a month, i don't understand the term "interact" and my definition has not changed shambles


i would be interested in what someone who has studied dreams thinks certain symbols mean i.e., if one dreams several different scenes but the interaction always takes place in a house in need of repair

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