076 - Mai, 20, Germany

22-8-00 20:02:49 -0000


I remember, of course, especially the nightmares I've had in my childhood. They made me wake up at night. I used to lie awake afraid of falling asleep again and continuing the bad dream. Normally I went upstairs to my parents' bedroom , crying. I was allowed to sleep between my parents then,they were really understanding.
In general, when I felt the need to tell a dream of mine to somebody, especially my mother always listened attentively.

Turning point

First I payed attention to dreams that contained a very obvious message. I didn't even have to think about them. Remembering them I knew at once that they reflected, for example, a topic that was concerning me at that time.
Experiences like these made me curious to analyse also the dreams that were less obvious. I spent my daily bus-journeys thinking about my dreams.
The second aspect that influenced my 'awake life' was the following: Sometimes I dreamt of beautiful places (mostly in nature) where I felt perfect harmony. I used to return to those places in my fantasy at day.


In my opinion dreams were and are something absolutely neurological. Yet the brains way of working at night shows also hidden needs and fears. (Freud,etc)


Every day I try to remember my dreams.
The funny ones I tell to my friends in order to amuse them.
(You might call it a dream's benefit that it makes others laugh).
Sometimes my dreams are also a substitute for lacking sexual interaction.
All in all my definition has not changed. Yet I've come to the conclusion that dreaming mainly makes me unhappy. They can be so much better than reality...


I find it extremely ridicolous to link dreams with things like "meeting ancestors" or "information about the future".

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