072 - KStep

20-8-00 16:21:49 -0400 (EDT)


I always felt part of the dream. It was real to me. I remember that sometimes I would have to go back to bed and finish the dream as if it was a parrel life.

My mom though that I had a vivid imagination. Nobody could understand the dreams I had.

Turning point

I think the first time I really paid more attention to my dreams is when one re-entered my life. I had seen the events in my dreams and then it really happened in real life. I have always figured that my dreams were dreams that were something to think about and figure the meaning.


I haven't put my dreams in to any category. I can learn from them and see future things that may happen. I think that my connection to others gives me the opportunity to help. I also felt that if there was other realities and that people lived in these parrel worlds that this was the way through dreams.


I think that I have felt the same about my dream my whole live. Some I can use and some are so disturbing that I can't function the next day. The definition of my dreams has not changed, but the understanding of them has.

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