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My own experiences with dreams were that they usually came true. My family believed that dreams were visions, as were the larger community I was part of during my childhood. We see dreams as visions or warnings.

Turning point

I was born and raised as an Old Apostolic and we had to write our dreams down and give it to the priest. The only expectations I ever had was that my dreams could help someone. I started writing down my dreams at an early age as they were important to our Church.


Dreams are to me a connection to God and to the spirit world and I also see it as a starting point to explore alternative realities, for instance, learning to know myself better.


Dreams are teaching me more about myself and my surroundings. I dream mostly every night and I remember every dream. I interact with them much differently than I did before and I'm paying more attention to them. My definition of dreams hasn't changed at all. I still see them as warnings or visions.


I would like to learn more about dream analysis

Editor's note

Answered by email. Respondent "grew up in a religious, white South African, middle-class community".

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