069 - Rod

20-8-00 11:28:01 -0400 (EDT)


I am 24 years old and I am TM practitioner which helps me much with my dream recall. From my childhood I remember only a few dreams. It was one nightmare and one nice dream.
My family doesn't pay much attention on dreaming. We would sometime talk about some interesting dreams we had and that's all.
My community (Croatia, Europe) thinks that dreams are interesting, but they pay much importance to them

Turning point

When I start with TM meditation I noticed I have much better dream recall. Also I have a wish to meet one special person in my dreams (mutual dreaming). I learned LD techniques by using Internet only.


Dreams are my connection to spiritual world.
I think that dreams are as real as this waking world. On spiritual path they are very important (for example Tibetan dream yoga). I want to understand my dreams so they can guide me and teach me.


Playing with dreams is so magical.
Dreams are very important to me.
My definition of dreams has changed - they are amazing new reality to me

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