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My earlier dream experiences (in childhood) were normal I presume - in that I had them. One odd thing - if claims of some people are true in that they dream in black and white, then my dreams were different in that I was almost always aware of color, even vivid color. Family attitudes towards dreams again I imagine were typical - in the sense that people have dreams, hence no big deal. Community was tolerant, and as far as dreams go, I bet each member of the community likewise experienced dreams on average nights. Attitudes: Some people I saw on TV (from distant societies / communities) have a hysterical attitude towards the lucid variety of dreams... In my community, from family to community in general, people seem to be open to the possibilities that dreams can be everything from manifestation of inner hopes / worries, to sorting of day's events, premonitions, inconsequential mental confusion, etc... If this question is specifically oriented towards community / family attitudes regarding lucid dreaming, then I have no idea what the views are - but I imagine given the relative difficulty in achieving lucid dream state, I am inclined to assume those who are unable to achieve it will probably out of frustration disbelieve it's possible.

Turning point

Motivation and expectation: curiosity and experimentation to see if it can be done at will.
I don't think dreaming has taken up significantly "larger part of my life". But in the beginning I did spend couple of minutes writing dreams down after waking up - I did this as part of the mental discipline allegedly required to achieve lucid dreaming. Lot of good that did me (writing dreams down) considering I almost always failed to pick up on the crucial dream signs in my subsequent dreams.


My definitions evolved to included all of the above, considering the nature and subject matter of some of my dreams. Some dreams I had did seem to be pure entertainment, some were revealing of my nature, in some I met ancestors, even dreamed of God, some seemed like a digestion of the day's events, some vivid ones seemed like alternate realities, some doomsday ones seemed as if prophetic but for the sake of humanity's survival let's hope not, etc... Point being - I have a broad definition.


We are talking regular dreaming, right? Benefits: ever since I started paying attention to dreams, I seem to remember more of them per night, but that's about the benefit of it all.
And again, dreams do not take up any greater part of my life than before, I just seem to remember more of them and hence think about them throughout the day more often. As for interacting differently - well sure, whenever I enter a lucid dream (as infrequently as that unfortunately is) , obviously I interact differently with the lucid dream than when I am oblivious to it being a dream. As for my definition of dreams changing - no, my definition remains as broad as before.

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During childhood Visitor lived in Alberta, Canada.

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