066 - Karaleen

20-8-00 2:54:03 -0400 (EDT)


When I was young my dream life was nothing unusual, I had a couple of recurring dreams that still happening today sometimes. And Most of the time I couldn't remember any of my dreams.
My Family never took dreams too serious, but never ruled out that they could have importance in every day life.
I grew up in a Christian Community that taught me that God speaks though dreams when ever he wishes, and they also taught me that dreams are my subconscious.

Turning point

When i was in my early teens I started having incredible experiences in my sleep a sort of waking sleep I would have a sort of conversation with another being. It was always good and restful. That was when I started paying attention to my dreams. The bible had a big part in my beliefs in dreams.
I really had no expectations out of my dreams I thought some had meaning and others was induced by stress and fears.
I journaled some of the dreams that I couldn't get from my mind, and spoke about them with my friends. I was actually able to interpret some of them through this method.


I always saw my dreams as God speaking to me or just sleeping I always knew the difference between the two.


I don't really see dreaming as any special benefit, they aren't really, they are really only as important as they are suppose to be to me.
I have learned now that most dreams I can control, and sometimes I can make them do what I want. My definition of dreams really hasn't changed at all since my childhood I have always been openminded.

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