064 - Pam

17-8-00 12:39:40 -0400 (EDT)


Indifference, silly, non-sense.

Turning point

Death of a loved one, reading a book on near-death experiences. Then learning about meta-physics and the connection to all, journaling, slowly but surely identifying with what I learned and applying it.


Harmless, non-sense


Absoluteley. I'm still learning, but understanding how great of a tool they are. I wake up feeling that I've been very 'busy'. Journaling helps. But this comes in waves, and it alternates with vivid lucid, with none at all for weeks.


Dream evaluation has helped dramatically in my life. First with the metaphors, then closer examination and occasionally lucid dreams. I was on a very destructive path (drugs, etc.) and then depression. I feel that my discovery of dream evaluation has helped me overcome some of those old fears. I'm now on a very exciting path of discovery with this process and read everything I can get on it as well as discovering my place in this life! Thank you!

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