063 - Bageera-Ra

17-8-00 9:44:56 -0400 (EDT)


Dreams for me continuation of the days events. Often like a replay of events or alternative paths / results. As a child these were held in a child like context. Fear and calm were overexemplified or "bolder" than in reality. Dreams were considered an externality that could be discussed if the topic was not taboo. They were considered "dreams" and held little reality value.

Turning point

As I explored spirituality I began opening my mind to the possibility of different ways God may have tried to communicate with me. Many of my readings implied dream work was work to resolve or bring up questions from the day or from events in my life. As I opened to this possibility I began to associate dreams as reflections of events in my own life. Now I try and reflect on dreams for a moment or two after I wake up. I try to recognize what the dream is about and what I could figure to be possible results. At the same time I realized that my subconscious had taken in the information and was using at opportune times to interject information into my thoughts.


From my child perspective I thought of them in a Jungian psychology. It was a world that was not of this world, but was a place I could go at night to escape. Perhaps to "play" and "be" are better words.


As above I found that it was a communications route with God. Recognizing there is more to an existence than just this life I have come to believe there is in fact an entire reality beyond our present day to day sights, sounds and touchings that can be tapped. This is a different, more expanded world that complications in this life can be brought into focus and recognized for their simplicity and short term importance to our overarching pattern of growth. Important, but merely stepping stones on a greater path.

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