057 - Bhakti

16-8-00 0:30:07 -0400 (EDT)


I had some nightmares in which flying kept me from being "gotten".

I had nightmares that I was afraid of and learned that I could imagine I had superman's invincibility and this would allow me to get back to sleep and not continue in the bad dream.

Turning point

I came across Robert Monroe's Journey's Out of Body. It was fascinating but didn't tell me how. I did find out that keeping a dream journal and programming that I would remember and write down my dreams every morning would increase my dream recall. I have been doing that since about 1974. Then I read the Carlos Castenada books and in one of them he said to look at your hands in your dreams. I told myself I would do that and had my first lucid dream. Eventually I had LD's and searched out more books to learn about lucid dreaming, out of body experience and dream interpretation. I read a book on the Senoi Tribe and their approach to dreaming which helped to broaden my idea's of what was possible in dreams.


Dreams seem to work on all levels. I have had highly symbolic dreams which tell me things about what is happening in my life and sometimes foreshadow the future. I have had more directly precognitive dreams. Sometimes dreams are just playing with and rearranging what one has been exposed to during the day. Sometimes dreams take us to astral meetings with important people in our lives. Sometimes all levels happen at once.


I am working on having greater numbers of OOBE and LD's at will. I am experimenting with dream incubation. I also do some dream analysis of the more powerful ones. I am much less focused on this now because I feel that I am in fairly direct communication with what is going on with me emotionally and psychologically.

I don't seem to need to have dreams to work things through at this time in my life because I've integrated the past junk pretty well and my present life isn't giving me too much trouble. I am much less interested in content than I am control and new experiences.

I want to be a conscious or fully "awake" being and to me that means being spiritually awake both during the day and the night. I also believe that the more control and options we develop in our dreams the more we also feel in confident in the waking world.


There's a fine line between a groove and a rut. (Christine Lavin)

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