056 - Josephine

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I don't remember many dreams from when i was a kid but the ones I remember stand out. When i became a teen I began keeping a journal and sleeping in late and my dream life and recall was great. We didn't really discuss dreams in my home, in fact my father made it a point not to discuss dreams. I was part of the dominant culture which doesn't encourage us to share dreams but i did tell friends or family if I dreamt of them

Turning point

I was just always the weird one, interested in occult, ghosts, paranormal, and I guess dreams, fall in to that category even though it is something everyone does. I just felt that they were important and so i wrote down any i could remember for years. Then I began to socialize with other people who knew the importance of dreams, plus i was studying shamanism and animal totems and other areas that stressed an importance on dreams. I finally began a journal just for dreams and started reading all I could on them and incubating and trying lucid dreaming. I had had lucid or very powerful dreams before as a teen but now I was able to try interacting with my dreams.


I love that no one really knows the answer to this question. I think that all of the above are true depending on the dreamer and the dream. There are certainly unbelievably beautiful places in some of my dreams. I think that often when we dream of someone we are connecting with the actual person but sometimes they are just a symbol. I want to understand, I want this to be a respected science, which is why i fill out surveys like this. Dreams are important otherwise we would all spend so much time doing it. What exactly we are doing i wish i knew.


I have a husband and a daughter and we regularly discuss our dreams. Often we will mutually dream. They help me with decisions, ideas, emotional troubles, spiritual growth and on and on. I also am involved in an on-line mutual dreaming group.


Thank you for doing this study.

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