054 - HOM

15-8-00 19:28:33 -0400 (EDT)


I thought that dreams where a separate world as a child, and i can remember having dreams that I think where OBEs as they were so real. My family thought and still think dreams are a not worth remembering and usually don't only occasionally do they talk about them and the ideas they get from them. They mostly ignored them.

Turning point

I have always been drawn to strange things like lucid dreams + wanted to explore my self and not learning about my dreams seemed like wasting 9 hours of my life a day so i got into this stuff. No I had no real specific expectations about the benefits dreams would bring. I don't really think i do give dreaming a large part of my life. But as for writing them down this i started about 2 years ago.


I view dreams as an advanced learning 'place' that may or may not existed partially non-physically, and that it's a place like a operating system on a PC and that many things can be done from it once u have access.


Entertainment and spiritual growth are the main benefits i have found. A smallish bit. Yes I now lucid dream a lot more or are at least a little lucid in most dreams, i also and especially recently have been taught stuff in dreams, tests where i have to gain a certain skill or learn something. My definition has not really changed.

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