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15-8-00 16:13:39 -0400 (EDT)


complete indifference to dreams on the part of my environment. on my behalf i had a lot of scary dreams and i remember them being very realistic.

Turning point

the moment i noticed dreams as an experience. experience generally really intrigues me, and so does action (as in moving around in order to manipulate self and environment) - which seems to take a bit of a twist in dreams. my specific expectation of dreaming is learning - about myself and my relations with and to the world.
at first i just wrote down my dreams but now i'm also trying to learn how to 'get back in the dream' and later i'm hoping for lucidity.


i think my most basic definition is leaning heavily towards the neurological. but for all the huge complexity of it, i tend to think the human brain deserves to be viewed from many diverse (sp?) paradigms and metaphors.


i recall dreams every night now (maybe not a 100% but reaching nonetheless). i'm regularly experience becoming lucid in a dream (at least once a week) - although i can't stay in calm and i usually wake up (except for two times).


i hope this helps....

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