052 - Robert Grillo

15-8-00 13:45:51 -0400 (EDT)


I would have a lot of nightmares about being left alone and about the devil. These dreams happened usually every night. My family's attitude towards them were that they were just nightmares.

Turning point

When I started to have dreams that came true to every detail in the future. Also when I started drawing and painting. I started to pay full attention to dreams when I had my first out of body experience.


A psychological realm, a place to meet ancestors, and a connection to god and the spirit world.


The dream world is fun for me, I look forward to sleep, I haven't had a nightmare in years. All my dreams are mostly pleasant. Every morning I try to recall my dreams, because about 33.3% of my dreams come true.


Dreaming is very important and should not go unnoticed. You might learn the soul purpose of your existence through dreams.

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