051 - Laalaa

15-8-00 10:57:28 -0400 (EDT)


People said you couldn't dream in colour ... I could. I "dreamed" I was a soldier in a long red coat, I was carrying a long gun with a knife stuck on the end. We were running into battle and I heard a loud bang and a sudden excruciating pain in my left leg. I remember that pain. It was very real and sorer than I could have imagined. When I awoke I felt no pain but remembered how sore it was in the dream and a plastic dolly I cuddled at night had a red stain on its left leg. I thought then (at 9 years old ) that dream was not an ordinary one but somehow real. I suspect I was reliving a former life.
Also at 9 years old (ish) - People said you couldn't have recurring dreams, I did ... I dreamed that I was coming back from the bathroom when I could see a glow coming from the attic above. (I played in that attic without fear). The glow floated closer and closer to me and is it drew near, I could make out that it was holding a candle-holder (like wee willy winkie). It was a child's idea of a ghost I think. Something horrible with a floating blanket over its head except this was golden, not white. As the thing drew closer I became terribly afraid and I could smell it! I have no idea what that smell was - I've never smelled anything like it - except in that dream ). The "ghost" finally enveloped me in itself and I passed out with the stench. I dreamed this every 4 - 6 weeks. You might say it was lunar but I wouldn't suggest thinking it was somehow pre-pubescent - I didn't start my period till I was 16!

My parents thought dreams were dreams - that's that. And when you're dead, that's it, you just stop.

Turning point

Also when I was nine, I awoke to see what looked to me to be a nun (Mother Mary? and no Im not catholic). She was kneeling at the foot of my bed, crying. I felt so terribly sad inside and I told her out loud that I would help her "Just tell me what to do", I said. She looked at me, smiled contentedly and disappeared. I thought that might be a test. I learned that I would have done anything for her - and still would if it came up. I realised I wouldn't be afraid if I was working for good.

My sister lived in the next town. I dreamed my mother came to me and told me my sister was dying - there was nothing they could do. When I awoke I felt very very strange. Even after yer average normal nightmares, jump out of bed bright and breezy but this made me feel almost ill myself. I was terrified but I couldn't bring myself to speak to mum cause she'd just tell me not to be silly, I couldn't drive up there because I couldn't drive. Two days later, I heard that she had been very sick - food poisoning - and was bleeding from her bottom (sorry but its true). She remembers lying in her bed being quite sure she was going to die. She thought about how rotten her corpse would have to be before our mother came to see if she was still alive. She had a go at guessing who it would be that would actually find her body.

My sister had a party once and that night, I dreamed I awoke in her hallway. I wondered why I still felt cosy and then realised it was because I was actually in my bed but had "travelled" there for a reason. I floated outside to the garden and found some young people smoking hash in an outhouse. I begged them not to do that because my sister hated drugs (and drink in fact). Then I floated back to the same point I had "entered" and woke up as normal in the morning.

I now know the difference between an ordinary psychological exercise - type dream, a lucid dream and a prophetic dream.

I've had clear messages like "eat more rice and grains" (seems mundane but it has helped me). I listen - if spirit is tell me something - I pay attention.


I have "all of the above". Some dreams are so obviously because Im feeling guilty about something or some such Jungian / Freudian exploration of my life / psyche. I get specific messages, sometimes accompanied by "tableaux" and sometimes just whispered in my ear. I had one I don't understand yet. I was "watching" a boy and a man playing. The man said "Stop right there" and the boy turned to him and the man placed the barrel of western-style rifle right on his nose and said "What's the password?". They stopped "acting" and the man turned to look right into my face (dream characters don't do that) and said "Having a go". Not "have a go" but "Having a go". He was very specific and nodded to emphasise each word.

Sometimes I have wonderful dreams where I can run and play with unicorns, I populate my imaginary world and run barefoot through the grass. I fly around the trees and just have a generally bloody good time!

My overall belief is that when I sleep I enter another world. I can either exercise my psyche, play lets pretend, listen to teachers from the spirit realm, pick up warnings and alarms from those close to me and I have quite a lot of dreams where I will see great detail of where I will be and what I'll be doing in the near future. Details are exact but the events are terribly mundane. I think its this ability exercising itself so that when something really comes through I'll know exactly what it is and perhaps see these things in greater detail as time goes on and I become better at it!


My ability to see into the future is slowly developing. Having floated about the astral on more than one occasion and felt only love out there, I have absolute faith that evil is a three-dimensional element closely linked to the great gift of human choice - a figment of duality. I know that if the world was really coming to an end - I'd know it. Actually, Id go so far as to say - a lot of people I know would know. None of us thought Y2K was it! If pressed, I'd suggest that nothing like that is going to happen. We are seeing some pretty horrible stuff because we haven't looked after the earth up to now but we are trying and hopefully before it gets too bad, the human race will work harder to protect its own environment.

My health hasn't been too good and I know I'm getting advice from time to time from someone.


Whether they admit it or not, I think just about everyone pays attention to their dreamlife.

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