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I had dreams that were probably the norm for average kids (nothing special noted here) ... a little flying, some adolescent ones, the occasional nightmare ... My family as well as me, did not view them as important, just enjoyable if they were nice, and unpleasant if nightmarish ... same with the community around me...

Turning point

I became a christian around 15 years old and again paid very little attention to dreams (and didn't remember much often by this age ... My interest was aroused after I left the main christian scene and became interested in OOBE's and anything beyond physical boundaries ... As I began to desire to know what was beyond physical life, I began to notice my dreams more often (and remember a little more)... I have read Robert Monroe's OOBE book, Stephen LaBerge's Lucid Dreaming, Robert Peterson's OOBE book and other minor readings ... My interests were mainly to springboard into OOBE's ... The ways in which I gave into dreaming were basically a dream journal and trying different techniques with my concern being mainly to be conscious, with meanings of dreams not being heavily important.


Both a starting point to explore alternate realities, and a psychological (and neurological) world to learn in.


Well, the benefits are still being plotted because I have only a handful of lucid dreams over the past year and a half ... So far, I have the benefit of enjoyment and a greater awareness of life ... yet, I do not have much control and when I achieve much more of that, I think that that benefit in itself will need to be seen when I get there (it will be a lot though!) ... In summary, my dreams and my interaction with them have changed, they are very exciting even the non-lucid ones, in that each one is different and I have begun doing things in them like, experiencing vibrations of sorts, and moving through matter (like walls and definite solid objects) ... It's beautiful.


I am interested to find out any tips on easy ways to accelerate the frequency of lucid dreams (diet, techniques).

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